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No Authority

The prompt today was:

“On What Subject are You an Authority ?”

We just said good-bye to our guests from Switzerland who stayed with us for a week. We did a lot of sharing with one another while they were here. But, even though each of us has had a lifetime of experiences in various fields (technology, social work, teaching, coaching, and beekeeping), none of us tried to come across as an authority on anything! What a turn-off that attitude would be!!

If you have the attitude that you have more knowledge than anybody else around you on a certain subject, and you speak with unabashed authority, I hope you’re being asked to do so, and you’re paid a lot for your opinion! I hope that knowledge gives you an opportunity to have authority with your authority! But…

… in my experience, the one who flaunts his authority (rather than living as an open-minded, humble, life-long learner) seldom finds life very satisfying. Tim McGraw spells it out pretty clearly in his song, “Always Stay Humble and Kind.” You can listen to it below.

Proverbs 22:4 

“The reward for humility
fear of the Lord 
is riches and honor and life.”

I am rich in friends
I am rich in love of life
Christ is my life’s authority.
Where do your riches lie?

It was an interesting prompt today.
How would you have answered it?

Look up for your purpose!

Keep looking up!
Keep learning.
Stay humble and kind!

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Comments on: "No Authority" (18)

  1. As an English teacher, I would like to think I know something about literature, writing, and grammar. ❤️

    • Hi Crystal! Thanks for your visit and comment. Your response showed your positive humility! You didn’t say, “I would like to think I am an authority on …” It is better to believe we “know something about” than to claim “authority” – don’t you agree? We can always learn more!! Bravo!!!

  2. I feel like I am not an authority on anything. God is my authority. I humbly learn from Him daily.

  3. Authority is given, not claimed, and promotes humility in the recipient.

  4. I follow God’s lead! (Well, I do try….the times I tried to take over authority, I fell flat on my ….faith!) Much love, sweet Jan! I love the pic and the smiling faces! ❤️

  5. Eva Kalina said:

    I’ve learned that the greatest minds and authorities are humble. Example: Marie Sklodowska-Curie, one of the greatest scientists in our history. Unfortunately, our current culture celebrates the opposite of humbleness and defies God’s wisdom.

  6. Nice post!

  7. Sometimes authority is simply a lot of steam while humility is a flowing stream!

  8. Great post Jan! I agree!
    Blessings to you and Bob!

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