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Expressing Gratitude

Today’s prompt was:
How do you express your gratitude?

Whenever I feel grateful
Which is certainly most of the time
I cheerfully, freely express it
Often in cards I write in rhyme

I’m grateful for the animals
That come and rest in our space
But when they eat branches or flowers
I shoo them off – give them chase!

I thank God for our sunsets
That reflect on the mountains east
The beauty of their presence
Is for my eyes a heavenly feast!

I express to our sweet visitors
Who came from Switzerland to here
How much we enjoy their presence
Creating memories so dear

Here they are on the Madison
Fishing with Bob on the shore
The peacefulness and the beauty,
Made up for no catches, zero score

Our hostess was Fran, the musician
Who entertained us with lunch and a song
We thanked her with hugs and elation
With such beauty, what could go wrong?

I thank God for USA’s freedom
For the way we celebrate each year
Parades, the rodeo, barbecues… what a crowd
All came to see the bronc riders and to cheer

Our Swiss guest, Laszlo, really caught the mood
Donning a cowboy hat, he weathered the rain
He enjoyed all the cowboys and cowgirls
Watched many get bucked off- lose the rein

Saskia smiled at the chance to be here
Their first USA trip – They chose this Montana spot
I’m expressing my gratitude for their visit
And thanking God for perfect weather -not too hot!

Of course, you can count on huge crowds
On Independence Day every year
The parade is the main attraction
Literally thousands come to view and to cheer

Horses are plentiful, some large, some small
And the floats are the old fashioned type
Throwing candy, waving flags, squirting water,
They live up to all the hype!

The Bible says:

“Rejoice always, pray continually,
give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”

1 Thessalonians 5:16 -18 (NIV)

If you’ve gotten out of the habit of being thankful, it’s time to get back into spiritual shape. Every morning, as soon as the alarm goes off (or you wake up on your own… this side of the grass), make a habit of thanking God for a new day — and ask Him for guidance as you embark on new victories and challenges in the hours ahead.

We began our day at the nursing home
Grateful we could help the residents out
Pushed them in their wheel chairs
Where they could hear the crowds shout

We thanked Madison Valley Manor
For placing a row of chairs at road’s side
We had first class seating to view
All the cars, horses, floats… want a ride?

Back home we were treated
To our own neighborhood parade & song
The neighbors’ grandkids rode their bikes
“Happy Birthday, Uncle Sam!” Sing along!

How do you express your gratitude
When you are overwhelmed with glee?
I wish you could have been here
To say Thanks to the kids with me!

Thank you for the daily prompt
That encourages me to write
I don’t get at it every day, but often…
You inspire my muse’s light!

How do you express your gratitude
To those who touch your heart
I hope you do it daily & often –
If not, now’s a good time to start!

Thanks for visiting

(Happy Independence Day!
Happy Birthday to our pastor,
Mary Grace Reynolds,

28 today!

I’m grateful for her
presence in our lives!

God bless you, MGR!!

Comments on: "Expressing Gratitude" (14)

  1. Oh my Jan…. what a beautiful post of gratitude my friend.. How wonderful your friends from Switzerland are enjoying all that USA hospitality and joy… So many things you have shared of gratitude..
    Sending hugs across the ocean.. <3

  2. Elaina Colby said:

    What a beautiful post, beautiful photos and my beautiful MomBee! I’m so thankful for you!

    • And I am thankful for you, my sweet daughter #2!! Thank you for reading and commenting and for being you!! 😘

  3. What a lovely post full of everything to be grateful for!😊

  4. Peter Martin said:

    There’s nothing like the poetry that only Mrs Beek can write. Her wit and wisdom puts my paltry attempt at bay. I’ll keep trying and maybe cause a stir with delight. But I’m no match for the woman who rules the poetry corner on any given day.

  5. How beautiful, Jan! Each morning I write what I’m grateful for! I have a drawer of cards in which, monthly, I send them out to my friends. Yesterday, I visited my near 87 year old widowed neighbor who lost his wife 2 years ago. I’m still fairly new to the neighborhood. There’s not a day that passes in which I’m not filled with gratitude! Jan, I’m grateful for you! You’ve been a light in this world and in my blogging experience! ❤️

    • Good for you, Karla! I ❤️ the idea of a morning thankfulness journal! And how sweet to visit the widower. I bet he appreciated that! Thank you for your visit to JanBeek and taking time to comment. I appreciate you! Have a lovely Thursday.

  6. A wonderful post, Jan. We have so much to be thankful for, but sometimes we forget and get in a complaining mood! Thanks for the reminder!

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