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Good to Go; Great to Return

Good to go
Appreciate the help
Airport Kindness

Montana State
Basketball Big Boys
Filled our plane

Arrived in Baltimore
safe and sound

Our daughters
Greeted & Treated us
We’re so blessed

Total Wine
A Fun Outing
Shared Libations

Reason to Travel
Beautiful Wedding
Adorable Couple

Love Thrives
Commitment Reigns
God bless ‘em

Party Begins
Family & Friends
There to Support
and to Congratulate

Mother of Bride
Wonderfully Talented
Sooo Generous

Thank You, Laina!!

A Day to Rest
“Mangia” & Enjoy
Visit Annapolis

Mmmm Seafood
Fresh & Tasty
What a Treat

Highly recommended
The Choptank
Sooo good

Beautiful Chapel
Annapolis Navy Academy
Wonderful Campus

Lovely Setting
On Chesapeake Bay
Blue Sky Day

(Meanwhile, it was -20 degrees
and snowing back in Montana!)

Back in Glen Burnie
Time to Relax
And Pack Suitcases

Yummy Breakfast
Greatest Hostess
Sweet Kitty

Time to Say Good-bye
Missing our Daughter #2
and her “Go-Go”

Car iced over
Roads icy, too
Scary Drive Home

(Appreciated the truck that led the way!)

Snowdrifts 4 feet high
Can’t get car in garage
But we’re tucked inside safely

God is good!!

(Thank you for the prayers
They worked
God bless you

Can’t remember the last time I had lobster.
Can You? When and where?

This was such a treat!
I pigged out!

See ya tomorrow
Stay Warm


Comments on: "Good to Go; Great to Return" (11)

  1. I’m sooooo glad you made it home safe and sound! It was REALLY nice of you two to make the long trip to Baltimore. I loved getting squishy morning hugs from you both. I miss you already. 💖❤️💖❤️

  2. Beautifully, creatively, related. I’ve never eaten lobster.

    • Thank you, Derrick. Hard to pick the highlights. The trip included so much more! Lobster is such a treat! But ya gotta be close to the source for the freshest, tastiest!

  3. Elaina Colby said:

    I was so grateful that you both made the trip out to Baltimore to support your granddaughter Kayla as she married her best friend Gordon. Today they leave on their honeymoon to Iceland! I have a feeling they’ll be seeing a lot of snow drifts themselves! I am glad you’re home safe. I enjoyed your visit so much! My house seems way too quiet. Rest and recuperate and stay warm! Love you love you love you!

    • Laina, it was sooo good to have time with you and DeDe and Jonnie. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful hospitality and love. You are amazing. Bob says, “Having stayed with 5 different families recently, your kindness and hospitality stuck out above the average so beautifully – and it resonated in our hearts… and we are so grateful. It was sooo appreciated. Thank you!!”

  4. Beautiful place and beautiful people! Great memories:) I have never had lobster. Love salmon though!!!!

    • Thank you, Sue. Lobster is so good when you’re near its source and in season. I have a trip to Maine on my bucket list.

  5. Welcome back to your beloved Big Sky! Colleen and I have stayed in Annapolis, and the variety of shops and restaurants is worth the trip to the waterfront below the statehouse.

  6. Wow! What a fun trip! Looks like you had such a great time with your family! Wonderful Photos! Glad you had a safe journey!

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