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Shared Talent

Today I was introduced to an artist I had never heard of before.
Tin Yan Chan’s art astounded me.
Here’s a sample:

Nature’s Wonders by Tin Yan Chan

To see more of his art, check out today’s post
at “Humoring the Goddess”

Tin Yan Chans art is amazing.
I was inspired to create this poem after enjoying his works.

Deep within the Rockies
Where no traffic flows
Is a peaceful hidden lake
Where gorgeous lupine grows

The lake is filled with fish
And if you know your way,
You can walk to find real joy
Come join me friends, let’s play

The lake is beautiful in every season
You can visit it for no reason
Other than to enjoy its beauty
Ot wait til its trees are fruity

It’s an artist’s paradise
The scenery is always nice
Sit quietly and wait for the butterflies
Look carefully – they’re a sight for sore eyes!

Claudia at Humoring the Goddess did some research and shared the fact that Tin Yan Chan, a master artist, had his God-given talents recognized in Canada in the late 20th century. She wrote, “… at 16 he was admitted to the Wuhan South Central China Academy of Fine Arts.”

I am so fascinated by this artist’s work that I intend to do a little research of my own. His website shows several additional paintings and about a dozen in a section labeled “sold.” Wouldn’t you enjoy having one of his masterpieces in your home?

Tin Van Chan has developed his artistic talent and made his creations available to the world. What talent do YOU have that you’ve developed and generously shared?

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’.” Erma Bombeck

Today I used my rusty talent (playing the accordion) at church. Our pianist was unable to attend, so I was asked to step up. My accordion has been dropped and some of the keys sound a bit weird – but I stepped up and did my best. Hopefully it was better than trying to sing all the hymns A Cappella!

An easier talent to share is the one that has a harder time getting rusty: Teaching! On Tuesdays I share my love of scripture with my 10-year-old friend, Hailey, and in the evening with my lady friends at our local nursing home. Through the years I have developed my spiritual gift of teaching, and as you have heard many times, I’m sure, “Once a teacher, always a teacher.” Like Erma Bombeck, I want to “use everything [God] gave me.” Our talents are given to us to be shared.

So, share your talent
Your talent’s God’s gift to you
It’s meant to be shared.

For many of you, it’s writing prose or poetry.
For some of you, it’s photography.
For others, it’s music or public speaking.
I really appreciate those whose talent is
fixing my car or unplugging the drain on my sink!
Some are math wizards or skilled carpenters>
All God’s gifts of talent are meant to be shared,
What’s yours?

Share with me what talent you thank God for giving to you.
How are you sharing it?

Musically Yours –
With Love,

Comments on: "Shared Talent" (25)

  1. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them

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  2. Well, my talent is music, of course! I certainly gave a LOT during this past choir weekend by teaching half the choir their voice parts on eight new songs! Bless you, Momma, for sharing your talent of music in church and also teaching. You’re my inspiration! ❤️

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  3. An excellent post. I think you have an idea of some of mine

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  4. Praise God! YOU are using the talents He has blessed you with. Thanks for sharing your poem(sweet poem) and the artist. I will check out his art:)

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  5. OH WOW.. Jan…. you play the Accordion Wonderful talent Jan.. I bet when you injured your hand so badly your playing had to take a long rest…. Good to see you playing again Jan..
    Sending LOVE and HUGS your way my friend ❤

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  6. Jan, your gift of poetry complements the inspiration found in Tin Yan Chan’s painting. You are so correct about a teacher’s inner spirit. It never fades away, and it looks for moments to blossom and bless others. Perhaps this motivates me in my writing journey.

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  7. Anonymous said:

    You are so wonderful! Your BLOG is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing — and thank you for being my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Beautiful artwork, Jan. I love your ekphrastic poetry! There is great pleasure in teaching others and passing on bits of word or wisdom! It will always be part of who we are it seems.

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