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S/He’ll Be Back!

It’s been a wonderful early winter Sunday.
It snowed all night last night!
Yes, I know… too soon!
It’s only mid-October.

See those footprints under the tree?
When I looked out the window this morning,
there was a deer,
nibbling on the berries in that tree.
By the time I dashed to get my camera/phone,
she was long gone!
I think she is the same doe
who visited us last week,
and chewed off/ spit out
the geranium blossoms that were in that planter.

Yes, she’s been here before.
I captured her on camera last spring.
She’ll be back!
She’s pretty… but she is a nuisance.
She thinks our plants were put there
to supply her salad bar!

Today’s sermon by Rev. Mary Grace Reynolds
dealt with this same theme: “He’ll be back!”

John 16:16
Your Sorrow Will Turn into Joy

16 β€œA little while, and you will see me no longer; and again a little while, and you will see me.”

In my sermon notes today, I captured these main ideas,

Life doesn’t always turn out as we imagine.
Disappointments run the gamut.
The disciples were puzzled, not understanding
where Jesus was going and why He had to leave.
Jesus knew His disciples would grieve
and they would be mocked for believing in Him
as their Savior, so He wanted to encourage them.

20 “Truly, truly, I say to you,
you will weep and lament,
but the world will rejoice.
You will be sorrowful,
but your sorrow will turn into joy.”

He would not leave them for good…
He promised He’d send them
A Comforter (The Holy Spirit),
and then He would return to them.

Jesus told the disciples,
“The Holy Spirit is a gift
that will come in my absence.”

The Holy Spirit is with us today.
The Spirit is a nudge in the night,
the inexplicable comfort in times of distress,
a direct line to God (God on speed dial!)
Sometimes referred to as the Holy Ghost,
He will come to remind you of everything
Jesus taught during His ministry on earth.

Tragedy is tragedy-
However, there is a wisdom obtained
when we experience the goodness
and the tragedy together.

Life can take us on turns we don’t expect.
We’d like to trade pain and tragedy for comfort.
disappointment and pain help us be
more fully connected to others
with empathy and compassion.
That ain’t always easy – that’s for sure!

Mary Grace concluded her sermon with this thought to ponder:
“We become stronger than what hurts us.
There is much hope in that.”

Are you like me?
Wouldn’t you rather just avoid that which hurts you?
Don’t hurts just feel like a trap?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

God is asking us to look at life’s challenges through Jesus glasses.
Don’t deny yourself the lessons learned.
When things aren’t working out, take another look!

Like that deer on my front lawn,
troubles and disappointments return.
But so do joys and blessings.

My cough has been quiet while I typed this.
It may return when I try to sleep tonight,
but it won’t last forever. JOY comes in the morning!
Hang in there, my friends.
I’ll be back!

Have a blessed week.
Today was my grandson, Chrissy’s 27th birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Toki!!
(He’s in Switzerland…)

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment below.
I love having positive exchanges with you.

Grace to you,

Comments on: "S/He’ll Be Back!" (11)

  1. A sermon and a post full of wisdom

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  2. Happy Birthday with chris❀️ oh your snow… too early! Or is this part of the merging of dimensions, a time the Divine shows up with humanity! Or you could say the Jesus aspect in all of us! I’ve always resonated with a knowing that Jesus will return in multi form within the many! Soon we shall know for sure as we nestle into this time of great change! Yes hang in there! Is the title of my latest post as we are all facing tough times and like the sermon says, trust great things to come from uneasiness! We must embrace all life and cuddle up and love each other! Sending you much love and wellness, take plenty of vit c! X

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    • Thank you so much for your encouraging response, Barbara. I will go get my Vitamin C right now! You have a blessed week, my sweet friend. Sending love ❀️ your way.

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  3. Jan, your posts are always so encouraging and filled with truth and wisdom! You so joyfully share about the return of what matters!! Amen! I absolutely enjoy reading and always seeing your beautiful pictures! Happy birthday to your grandson! Sending prayers and huge hugs, Love, Karla πŸ’›πŸ₯°

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  4. Hi Jan,
    Always beautiful and inspiring!

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  5. Amen! God shares His resources to enrich our faith, while building our trust in tomorrow’s hope. Thank you Jan for sharing this rich Gospel message. Blessings to you, Bob, and your blessed church community.

    Liked by 1 person

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