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In the Winter Now

Jem Croucher, Poet’s Corner introduced to me today a new poetry form. Her blog beautifully described “In the Autumn Now” in an aaab rhyme scheme.

For those of you unfamiliar with those poetic descriptors, the aaab scheme means the first three lines all rhyme, but not the 4th one.

The fun thing about her last line is that it was the poem’s title and it was repeated in each of the four stanzas. Brilliantly done! (There are probably other rules to this rhyme form, like 7 or 8 syllables to create rhythm on each line… but I’m not sure I can do that! So will just go with the rhyme scheme and number of lines for now.)

I’m going to try my hand at this poetry form, but as you know if you saw my post yesterday, we – here in Ennis, MT – are “In the Winter Now.” Alas, our fall colors are buried under several inches of snow. Beautiful, but – oh my – too early for me!

From my kitchen window

October snow fell softly

The view from our dining room
Through the screen of my bathroom window –
Look up – can you see the icicles?

October snow – unseasonable
Way too early – unreasonable
Return of colors – unfeasible
In the Winter now

Lack of wind – delightful
Snow in clusters – rightful
Blue sky returning – eyeful
In the Winter now

Howling winds return – disappointing
Wind chimes play – enjoying
Returning storm looms – annoying
In the Winter now

Tasting falling snowflakes – purely
Venturing out in the snow – securely
Getting skis ready – prematurely
In the Winter now

Wanna try your hand at this poetic form?
Go ahead … give it your best shot.
It’s fun!

For a really good example of the form,
check out Jem’s
In the autumn now
It’s delightful!

Send your poem to Jem Croucher
She’d be delighted to hear from you.

Speaking of fun –
Look at that photo of us –
100 years ago –
Ready for winter!

See ya later.
Stay warm.
Love, JanBeek

Comments on: "In the Winter Now" (20)

  1. Lovely poem, ma! And what a fun pic of you and daddy 🥰🥰🥰 Stay warm and cozy inside and that cough WILL go away! Drink lots of fluids. ❤️😘❤️😘

  2. Sorry to see from DeDe’s comment that you still have that cough. Lovely photo of you and Bob.

  3. OH WOW…. snow snow snow…. Already… Lovely poem Jan, you did an excellent job.. as you did with those photos.. LOVE the hundred years ago one too 🙂 Always that lovely smile….
    Sending WARM hugs Jan… Keep snug you two.. 🙂
    Love and Blessings.. <3

  4. Beautiful pics! Makes me cold though! 😀

  5. Dana Pulliam said:

    Really enjoy the format you chose for your aaab poem! Well done!

  6. oh wow, snow already!!! gorgeous!!!

    • Thank you – yes it is quite scenic, isn’t it? But, I was not really ready to say goodbye to all our beautiful autumn colors. Ah well… seasons come and go…

  7. Jan, I enjoyed your delightful verses. My nine-month old grandson in Bozeman was amazed with the arrival of the “white stuff.”

    Montana fall looks rough
    Weather never bluffs
    Looking at this white stuff
    In the winter now

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