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Visiting Zinal

What a wonderful way to spend a Monday afternoon in Switzerland! DeAna drove us up to Zinal… just to enjoy the time together, the scenery, and an ice cream. We did all three. Wanna join us?

Mountain majesty

Views usually not seen

Except in movies

Sharing with our De

Made all the more beautiful

By stream and mountains

Blue sky up above

Flowing River at our feet

Life can’t be more sweet

Then add some icecream

And the cows that made the cream

Surely it’s a dream!

Hearing the children

Laughing and playing outside

Yes, it’s Paradise!

Meantime, the Groshongs

Continued their hiking fun

In this same region

Found a gentle cow

Grazing on the Swiss hillside

Up close – personal!

Lucky the bovine

Was feeling cooperative

But don’t press your luck

Here comes another

He’s looking mighty leery

Don’t try petting him

Onward to glacier

Visit before it is gone

Then back to Zinal

What will tomorrow bring? Come back and see! I love sharing with you. Which of my pictures today did you like best?

Love to you from JanBeek (and Bob & De, too)

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  1. I answer your impossible choice with Bob and DeAna. A magical experience well presented

  2. Oh WOW Jan, loved the videos and that Ice-cream…. You got me drooling LOL .Love all of your video clips… I have been to Lucerne Switzerland many years ago and The scenery like that of Austria where I have been several times is spectacular….
    Love the cows with their bells and brave Hubby lol… 🙂 <3 EnJOY…

  3. All of the pictures are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing. God is so awesome to have created such beauty! Hugs. <3

  4. Jan, when you mentioned ice cream, I immediately needed to read on. Enjoying these scenic mountain vistas.

  5. The ice cream looks amazing.

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