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Sweet Swiss Times

Our weekend began with a cloudy day in Sierre, Switzerland, but soon the sky cleared and the weekend was sunny and beautiful.

It was a beautiful fun-filled time with family and friends. Let me share some highlights with you. We’re having such sweet Swiss times! One highlight of our weekend was a choir festival in Véraz (near Sierre) where our daughter, DeDe, and grandson, Chris, sang with the Chippis choir.

Every day here in this beautiful country is full of the blessing of family and friends. Sweet catch-up time. I love sharing the fun with you.

Me with DeDe at the choir festival
Bob with DeDe

After the festival, we went to André’s brother’s fiancée’s place for a raclette evening. So nice to have catch-up time with Kad & Roger.

Meantime, our friends, Jim & Terry, took the bus from Vissoie up to Grimentz where they are enjoying a few days of hiking in those fabulous mountains. They’re sharing a few photos of their experiences. Have a look!

Wow! Great photo, Terry!
Terry, the hiker
Jim … the trooper
Hah! Listen to Terry’s description of their hike and Jim’s take on this!

Yes, the mountains are alive with the sounds of water and hikers and joy! Once upon a time, a dozen years ago, Bob & I took that hike. Now we are content to enjoy those high Alpine views through others’ cameras! Oh, and from the bus- of course.

Thank you for your responses to our posts. We love sharing our trip vicariously with you, dear friends. Wish you could be here in person.

See ya tomorrow (God willing)-

Love, JanBeek

Comments on: "Sweet Swiss Times" (17)

  1. Oh, Jan! What a beautiful trip and experience. I can imagine hiking there is heaven! And seeing DeDe and family even more so! Thank you for sharing! 💛💛 Karla

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  2. I’m happy for Jim and Terry ☺️ Beautiful photos and video! Thanks for sharing, momma! It’s almost time for lunch 😁

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  3. This is a wonderful post Jan! The photos of you and Dee and your husband and Dee are really great! What a beautiful time you had todgether!

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  4. Catching up to more of your adventures in Switzerland. The two videos are precious with singing voices, running mountain water, and the humor of trooper Jim.

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  5. How lovely! And what beautiful photographs.

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    • Thank you for visiting – and for traveling vicariously with us. Switzerland is a wonderful place to HAVE to go to!!!

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      • We visited Switzerland twice in 2006.
        My brother relocated to Zurich for a couple of years, and we were lucky enough to be able to stay with him in Rüschlikon. The first time for my ‘big’ birthday in springtime, and then later that same year, taking our elder son, Frank, with us.
        We had a fabulous time, taking cable cars up mountains, train journeys to different cities, a trip down to Lake Lugano across to Italy….. Lovely memories.
        Happy days.

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      • Oh, I’m so glad you were able to do that! Yes… wonderful memories … the kind of country fairytales are made of! Will you return in the future?

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      • Thank you.
        We would love to visit Switzerland again…… Who knows…… Maybe

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