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Git Walkin’

This is the week to git walkin’ –
It’s time to git off m’ butt –
Time to leash the pup.
Git outta this home-bound rut!

So off to the park
On this beautiful day –
Git walkin’ before the sun
Warms too much and I wanna stay.

Git m’ hubby to come
And join me in the park.
We’ve got a gorgeous place –
Let’s go before it gits dark!

Take the pup to the river
And enjoy the midday sun.
Let the hubby walk her –
They’ll both have fun!

Bob & TazE
@Lion’s Club Park

With my trusty camera
I’ll git some photos fir ya.
Come walk a spell with me.
Come close – let me stir ya!

Ready? Let’s walk!!

It’s a gorgeous blue-sky day.
There’s not another soul in sight.
We’ve got the park to ourselves –
The day looks mighty bright!

Ya gotta come in person
If you wanna read this sign –
Can’t tell ya about it
Not even the upper headline.

It’s so peaceful to be
In this place with only me
And my hubby and my dog.
Let’s sit a spell and just BE!

Didja bring along a snack?
We could sit here and eat.
Give our pup a treat
And get off our weary feet.

But, no that’s not why we came.
We came to just git walkin’ –
So git a move on, Jan,
And quit yer silly talkin’!

TazE says the day is heating up
So we gotta keep on movin’ –
Whistle a tune as you jog.
Exercise the dog and get groovin’!

Around the back side of the park
The scenery changes a lot.
Fields of baled hay and no shade –
Now it’s starting to get hot!

Don’t you love these round ones?
They were square in fields back home.
Things are done differently
When you git out and roam.

Looking beyond the hayfield,
You can see a ridge halfway up.
That’s where our place is located.
It’s a great neighborhood, yup!

Walking back into the shade
Of the tree-lined park, we see
A gazebo on the lawn out there.
Wanna come sit a spell now with me?

No, it’s heating up; let’s move.
I was surprised as I walked on
To see my friends from the Manor
Having a picnic out on the lawn.

That’s some of the folks
That I lead Bible Study with weekly.
When they saw me out of context,
Some greeted me quite meekly.

Isn’t it wonderful that friends
From our local nursing home
Can get into the van and travel
To the park and watch others roam?

When I saw a couple of the kids
From our neighborhood at play,
Their greetings were robust!
Their smiles and hugs made my day!

Time for a potty stop before
Heading home to get some rest.
I’m so grateful to the Lion’s Club
For their park. Kudos to Cherrie and the rest

Who work to keep it pristine.
It’s a gift to our community.
We plan to walk there most days.
Aren’t you glad today you joined me?

See ya tomorrow (God willing)

Walk with me
through the darkness.
Pick me up each time I fall.
You’ll bring light and erase the starkness!

(Love Randy’s invitation in the song below)

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  1. Sunny De said:

    I don’t know why but this poem really spoke to me. It’s so hip and positive! Brava momma! I wanna git out and walk!

  2. Oh, Jan! How I’ve missed you. And you popped right up! What a beautiful and delightful walk. Your words are a joyful rhythm just as you! I want to come read about The Shining Mountains! God bless you, Jan. Love, Karla 💛❤️

  3. Lovely poem and great to see you, your hubs, and pooch out for a nice walk! Hope you’re mending up well and getting ready for your trip.

  4. Well done Walkin and Writin

  5. Elaina Colby said:

    I loved your poem! It was very inspirational. It makes me want to get up from this office chair and take a walk too! Did you have a tune behind the words of your poem happening in your head?
    I felt like I was reading the lyrics to a good country song. Brava MonBee! I’m glad you (three) were outside together enjoying the good weather and Montana beauty.

    • Thank you, Laina. Often I do have a tune when I write rhythmic, rhyming poetry. I didn’t this time. I’m glad you liked it. We’re headed back to the park again this morning. Yay!

  6. HI Jan,
    Great poem and gorgeous pictures!
    It seems like a perfect day for a walk.

  7. Jan, I need to be better shape to keep up with you, Bob, and TazE. No worries, I’m on it. I enjoyed the tour of your park. Being out in nature definitely keeps us feeling younger.

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