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Love, Joy & Peace

Do you ever doubt your niche?
Yesterday I posted excerpts from
Gottfried’s Banter, a blog whose niche
is humor. No, I wasn’t suggesting
that my blog should try to fit that niche.
Humor like Gottfried’s doesn’t come
naturally to me like it does to him.

Gottfried has an oversized funny bone!

No, it’s not numbers,
It’s my purpose that dictates
My niche and my style.

It’s my gifts that spell
The reason for my blogging.
How about your niche?

My niche is “Inspiration.”

What’s your intention?
Do you need one hundred one
Questions to find out?

The Art of Blogging,
Cristian Mihai, has questions
Yes, one hundred one!

Check it out
(if you doubt your intentions!!)

Cristian Mihai

Cristian Mihai, The Art of Blogging


My purpose focuses on positivity.

My by-line tells you
What my purposes here are:
Love, Joy, Peace and Faith

Add Unity, too
I aim to help us just love
Keep God’s love centered

I aim to inspire
Often I use poetry
As chosen genre

My mind seems to think
In this lovely Haiku form
Yes, five-seven-five

I love to share others’ poetry here, too.

Often my pictures
Feature our diversity:
Yesterday’s children

Not a melting pot
But a colorful salad
Each adds its color

Each adds the beauty
We’d miss if we’re all the same
Call it gratitude

In that attitude
Of gratitude I can find
The peace God gives us

It is peacefulness
That defies understanding
I pass it to you

My purpose is peace
My goal is spreading the joy
And love from Jesus

Some say religion
Is the main focus I have
But it’s more than that

Love, joy, peace, and faith
Are the stepping stones I climb
To find unity

Sometimes religion
Gets in the way of all that
Sometimes it divides

I’ve heard the saying,
“Sunday mornings are the most
Divided of times.”

Some use religion
To ensure their salvation
But Christ is much more

He is more than church
More than denominations
He’s universal

Luke 2:10
And the angel said to them,
“Fear not, for behold,
I bring you good news of great joy
that will be for all the people.”

My blog’s main purpose
Is to unite everyone
In a common love

I blog of respect
Blog of the Source of my joy
Blog to inspire you

Blog to encourage
Live in constant hope
Believing in God

There is just one God
You may see Him differently
But we all see Him

We know He’s in us
We know He created us
We see His great works

We know a Big Bang
Didn’t make a butterfly
Nor create the world

So, I aim to lift
All our eyes to see the Lord
As a part of God

Just as I see you
A child of the Creator
We’re born to inspire

That’s my sole purpose
That’s why I am blogging here
Why are you here, Friend?

You are given a purpose.
Can you define it?

Have a blessed day.
Stay warm! It’s 2 degrees, snowy and blowy here!
See ya tomorrow (God willing)
Thanks for visiting JanBeek today.

Bye for now!
Don’t forget to comment below…
Tell me, how do you define your purpose here?

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  1. Wow, wow, wow, so much good encouragement on your blog, thank you.

  2. Good evening, Jan, I appreciate your transparency in the purpose of your blog. It is not just any love, it is His love. “We know a big bang didn’t make a butterfly …” amen! Our oldest son is choosing to go to a Christian college. He has struggled to navigate the secular atmosphere in public school. I support him, telling him God will strengthen him to then go out into the world to be His light.

  3. Jan, you are serving your purpose well! “Well-done my child!” (I can hear God saying it!). I feel I share the same purposes. I don’t know what else to call it but “modern”, but the church of today, meaning what I’ve attended in my past, became a distraction to my true calling of being the hands and feet of Jesus. Where I went to receive compassion became a place of cruelty and competition. On Sunday morning I attended what is called “A Gathering of the Acts”–there was around 50 of us crammed into a beautiful little log cabin amidst the beautiful Ozark trees and small river. It was there that I felt the beauty and truth from a group of believers. What I experienced was the moving of the Holy Spirit throughout. Egos were left outside and I sat, I sang, and I worshipped. Without running water and barely any electricity; and no overhead costs or paid staff members, this little log church lifted my Spirit and gave me confidence in joining a crowd again. I’ve lost a lot of confidence in my health struggles. And my only confidence, and healing, comes from Christ. And really, all I want to do, is spread the good news and help others. I’ve been fortunate to experience other cultures, places, and be around many socio-economical subgroups. And we’re all human. We all have a heart. We all need Jesus! Jan, you’re a bright light in this world. I want to be like you when I’m your age. My friend, Julie, above, is a dear sister and encouragement to me. We need women of faith like you to continue to light the path for us! God bless you! Love, prayers, and hugs always. Stay warm in those beautiful mountains. Karla❤🙏

    • What a beautiful, heart-felt, encouraging response, Karla. If my blog only reaches one person (you) at the heart level , it’s worth any time/effort the blogging takes. It’s the whole reason I share my faith – the whole purpose for being here. I do understand your feelings about the presence of the Holy Spirit in that little gathering in the log “church”… a place for like-minded, loving, Christ followers to embrace and support one another. Would that ALL churches focused on that mission and reached out in love and unity to all God’s children!! Thank you so much for your precious testimony!

  4. I love having these conversations that are so meaningful with fellow bloggers. Thank you, my friends!

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