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Happy 2sDay

Today (22-02-2022)
-or 2/22/22 as we record it here –
is a palindrome day,
which is a number or word that can
be read the same way forwards and backwards.

Several commenters were excited
to celebrate their 22nd birthday
on the same date as “Twosday.”

Also, starting at 2:00 pm in Las Vegas
(touted to be the wedding capitol of the world),
222 couples said their wedding vows
in a group ceremony
that ended
at exactly 2:22 pm.

Would you dash to Las Vegas
to be part of such a crowd
for such an important occasion
in your life?

I wouldn’t!

How did you spend your Twosday?

Bob & TazE and I spent ours at home –
snowed in with two foot deep
( appropriate for 2’sday)
snow drifts behind my car
and a pickup that was
unable to start –
Frozen in
-10 degree

It wasn’t “two bad.”
We were cozy inside.

How did you spend your 2’sDay?

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  1. I’m so glad you didn’t try and drive to Bozeman in that horrible weather! What was the result of your talk with the VA people?

    • We’re missing an IRA form to complete the VA application. Trying to shovel our car out or get the pickup to start. The firm we need may be at the PO!!

  2. Stay inside!!!!!!

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