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Count Your Blessings

This is day #3 inside. There is a snow drift behind my car, too high and hard for Bob to shovel it (although he tried… and I yelled at him to STOP the whole time)! I am blessed that we have a car. We have a garage in which to keep it. I have a husband with good intentions (even if they are ill advised for this guy with congestive heart failure). So, yes, I am counting my blessings!

So, Bob finally stopped before he keeled over! I am glad he did so before he fell in the snow and I was unable to lift him up! The pickup is beside that snow drift. It is frozen. It was -20 degrees this morning!! We had in plugged in overnight into something that was supposed to allow it to start today. But that didn’t do it! Even our pickup is not perfect, right? But, I have called the local auto shop and they are sending a mechanic out who will start the pickup (at least I am praying he is able to do so).

It is time for us to get to the post office and see if the forms from the IRS are there. They are forms we need in order to fill out the application for help getting the medicine Bob needs for his heart problem. The form asks for something related to investment income for 2021. It’s time for the company to send us those tax-related forms!

Not true…
If you are fortunate enough
to have enough money
to invest some of it,
you may not always know
what those investments
are worth. It changes
with the winds of time!

Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com

But, having time is a gift.
Having enough money to pay someone
to come start your vehicle is a gift.
Having sense enough to stop
and come in out of the cold –
yup, that’s a gift, too.
Having a warm house to come in to –
that’s quite a blessing.
It’s so cold outside that the pipes
in my bathroom froze and I have
no cold water flowing in there.
But, I have warm/hot water!
Now, that’s a real gift!!

What blessings are you counting today?
Tell me one or two of them
so I can thank God
for blessing you, too.

Thanks for visiting JanBeek
and for leaving a comment.

You are a blessing to me!
Stay warm… and have a
Wonderful Wednesday!

Jan ;o)

Comments on: "Count Your Blessings" (12)

  1. Well said. Today I thank God for giving me the energy work with my son.

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    • I’m grateful you have a son. I’m grateful that you have energy. I’ thankful that you were able to put your energy to good use working with your son. Yes, a blessing indeed!

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  2. Ohmyword!!! 😯 I dearly hope the temps get higher soon! Too cold! Thinking of you both with lots of love over here. Stay inside you two! Daaaaaaad! Don’t try to shovel!!!!!

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  3. Jan, I always enjoy your wisdom! They warm my heart and I hope you feel the warm hugs I’m giving you both! Yikes! Bob, put down that shovel indeed! I called my Mom to tell her to not let Dad walk to the mailbox. We have nearly an inch of ice~so I understand Sunny De well! Time is such a blessing. And I’m thankful to have the funds to buy groceries and afford my simple home and life. My family is first and foremost. But if not for God and his grace I might as well go slip on the ice!! ♥️💛😂🙏🏻🤗❤️

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    • Funds + Family = Fun. Groceries + grace = gratitude! ❤️🙏🏽Thank you, Karla, for your response. I’ll remember the 3 G’s are more than my Chinese chef teacher taught me: green onions, garlic, and ginger. Yes, God, Grace & Gratitude – most important of life’s ingredients!!

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  4. Counting my blessings is my favorite activity!!!
    Blessings to you Jan!! ♥

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  5. Counting my blessings this evening – our daughter-in-law, Monika, is getting better each day and our son is a loving caregiver. Our daughter had a very successful week in their restaurant/hotel in Switzerland. Our neighbors here in Montana came and helped us with the snow drifts that had us trapped. Our daughter #2 in Maryland starts a new job next week … an answer to prayer. Yes, life is good!

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