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Just Sing!

While waiting to find
A reason to keep singing
It occurred to me

Don’t need a reason
Just sing because I want to
Let my song cheer me

Don’t need a reason
I sing because I’m happy
Sing because I’m free

Sing to chase away
The troubles that surround us
Help them go away

I love that version
It makes me happy to sing
I’m so happy – YES!

Blind and autistic
He sings, “I Want to See You.”
He opens my heart!

Sing because you can.
Don’t worry if you’re on key
Just open your heart

Sing, Ukrainians
Stand in solidarity
Sing for your freedom

Let’s sing and pray, too
Sing for their liberation
Join hands for freedom

Everyone join in
Sing a song for their freedom
Help the innocents

Sing for their freedom
Pray for peace in the Ukraine
Sing because you can!

God bless the people of Ukraine

Love to all the people of Ukraine
and all those who are helping
to keep them free from foreign rule.

Sing for freedom!
May your Friday be devoted to freedom’s song…
Love to you all…

Comments on: "Just Sing!" (10)

  1. Such an apt post. XX

  2. It’s so heartbreaking what’s happening in our world. I have wept at least a dozen times reading stories from Ukraine, seeing photos of the broken streets and crumbling houses, of people in basements, of bright-eyed kids not understanding why they have to evacuate… And I wept some more listening to protest slogans rising like a chant through Moscow’s modern streets. Nobody wants war. Only those who can’t keep their ego in their pants.
    “Sing for freedom!” Thank you, Lady Jan. It’s good to see your loud and beautiful song for freedom from your far-off land.

  3. This is beautiful Jan,
    Love, song and prayers to the people of Ukraine and others suffering around the world!!
    A blessed weekend to you! ♥♥

    • Thank you fr your good wishes and thoughtful comment. <3 Yes, it was a very blessed weekend with so many friends stepping up to help with our snow troubles!

  4. A wonderful post, Jan. I love the music. The little boy was precious!

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