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5 Reasons to be Thankful

I could write a million reasons
to be thankful, couldn’t you?

But if you had a Thankfulness Journal
and each day you were only allowed space for five,
what would they be today?

  1. I am thankful for these five guys: Ed Platt, Bob Welna, Joe Stokes, Bob Beekman, and John Hauck.
    They put our stove back in the kitchen and hooked it up and moved our furniture back into the living and dining rooms. God bless ’em!!

2. I am thankful for our Ennis Arts Association and the program Cindy Owings presented to an appreciative audience at the Madison Valley Library today. Cindy’s book, The Purple Blanket, is available on Amazon. What fun it was to receive an autographed copy today!

3. I am so grateful for each new day… but especially the beautiful Madison Range that decorates our eastern landscape and the amazing sunrises that give us such wonderful views as we start the day.

4. I am so grateful for this fun-loving, faithful, generous, huggy character that I get to share my life with. Bob is the love of my life… and I am blessed to have had his companionship for these 60 years. We’ll celebrate our anniversary this Friday, thankful for each day God gives us together.

5. Listed last, but actually first in my life: I am thankful for God’s Word, my ability to read and comprehend it, the joy of sharing it with others, and the promises it holds for every day of life and beyond. Tonight eight of my friends who live in our local nursing home, The Manor, joined me for an hour of Bible Study. I love being with them and sharing selected scripture. So thankful that we can have that precious time together!

Do you have a Gratitude Journal?
Do you take time each day
to thank God for all your blessings?

If you do, you have discovered (as I have)
that naming those reasons to be thankful
has a way of magnifying the positive
and shrinking your troubles.

Thanks for visiting JanBeek.
See ya tomorrow (God willing)
Hugs… Bee well!!

I’m thankful for this
Attitude of Gratitude.
Aren’t you?
What five things would you list today?

Comments on: "5 Reasons to be Thankful" (7)

  1. Wonderful post. Thank you for this reminder to stop and say thank you. My 5 things for today are:
    – my son – that he chose me to be his mum
    – my job- as it I never stop learning and of course, it enables my lifestyle
    – my car- it enables my independence
    – my baby sister and my dad for their love and support.
    – my God- without Him, everything is a struggle. I am thankful for His grace. 🙏

  2. Anonymous said:

    A delightful post. In no particular order: a second chance with Jackie; family; friends; life; health

    • Interesting that your comment isn’t recognizing “Derrick” – just says “Someone” – Hah! But I’d know you anywhere! Can’t fool me! I like your 5 choices. Coulda guessed it!

  3. Beautiful work! Your new remodel has turned out very well. What would we do without a little help from our friends? We have so much to be thankful for. I think about that every night when I crawl into my cozy bed. There are many who don’t even have a bed to sleep on.
    Great post Jan.

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