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Ever Faithful

Remaining ever faithful is a life-long endeavor.

To what or to whom do you remain “ever faithful”?

For Christmas this year
our son, Ty, and his wife, Monika,
gave me this book.

The back cover has a an explanation
of the author’s purpose.

Each day David Jeremiah,
(the author of Turning Point
another devotional
I have been following for years),
selects a scripture,
and reflects on it.

Today’s reflection was especially meaningful to me:

It is trusting the Lord’s direction
day by day in our lives together
that has allowed Bob & me
to remain ever faithful
to one another for these 60 years!

This Friday we will celebrate our 60th anniversary.

This was last year on our 59th.
Here we are 60 years ago!

Yesterday we celebrated my granddaughter, Faith’s baby girl – due April 3rd – with a virtual baby shower. It was attended by about 20 friends from all over this part of our world – from Alaska and Hawaii to NY and across to CA – and states like ours (Montana) in between.

Our daughter-in-law, Monika (Faith’s mom) did a wonderful job researching ahead of time, planning, inviting, and coordinating the event. She linked in to an app that invited her to post a baby picture of the prospective mom as a baby and the prospective dad as a baby at the same age. Then the app blended the two parents and showed what the baby might look like if she favored the mom more. Another picture showed what she’ll look like if she favors dad’s side more.

Because Faith and Kyle actually resembled one another as babies, the two renditions were quite similar. That was fun!

Another activity had all the participants answering questions about the honored couple. The running scores were exhibited and the “winners” were awarded Amazon gift certificates. I didn’t participate in that… couldn’t figure out how to access the game screen! So much for technological prowess!! But folks who engaged had a lot of fun with it.

We were able see Faith & Kyle virtually unwrap each of their gifts, as each told us a little about the gift-giver… and because we were all on a ZOOM share screen, we could see each other. I was terribly impressed with Monika who was able to put all this together and move the activities along at a good pace.

My blog yesterday, “A Virtual Baby Shower,” showed you this expectant mom & dad. Here’s another photo of them:

Faith & Kyle McSparron

I know you join me in wishing them
a happy, healthy pregnancy.
Of course, I will share pictures
of their baby girl with you
when she is born in April.

Meantime, my prayer for them
is that they remain “ever faithful”
to one another –
and are loving, devoted parents
when their new little bundle arrives.
God bless Faith & Kyle!!

Bee well my friends.
Thanks for visiting JanBeek.
I’ll see you tomorrow (God willing)
What are your Tuesday plans?

Hugs to you!

Oh, before I say good-bye,
Here’s a tribute to this
age-old tradition:

Bye for now!!

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  1. What a delightful post – all of it.

  2. Anonymous said:

    You and Bob are living examples of the power

  3. As always, Jan, you brighten my day! Your devoted faithfulness is such a testimony! Happy soon-to-be 60th anniversary! My parents will celebrate 58 in June! Your granddaughter and husband are such an adorable couple and I’m sure they’re excited about the new gift coming! Prayers for a healthy and blessed pregnancy! Sending love and hugs,Karla

  4. In this busy world of millions of bloggers, I am so grateful to those of you who take the time to read mine and leave a comment. Thank you!!

  5. Peter Martin said:

    Faithfulness. When we were all conceived and born, we didn’t know it at the time, but we engaged in a life long relationship with God. To remain faithful to him first, allows us to have a full and richly rewarding life at this time, to marry, to have children, to love and to learn. When we are called to kneel at God’s presence, our faith in him will be eternal. I think about my relation with our Lord. Have I been faithful? As I think about the person who is my wife, time is fleeting. Every minute of every day is important.

    • Ah yes, Peter… I concur. Every minute is important. Every minute is precious. Treasure each one! Bob & I send you and Alice our love <3

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