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Embrace Mi Familia

Mi Familia is such a blessing
We’re so glad we are here
The trip was long and arduous
But we traveled without fear

We knew God was with us
Your prayers were felt for sure
Thank you, God, for safety
With You our trip was secure

God bless “Mi Familia!” It is so good to be with them! Monika, our daughter-in-law, is taking the picture. That’s Ruthie & Darrell, her parents, on the left. Our son, Ty, is at the head of the table there… and of course, Bob & me. We’ll be joined on Christmas day by our grandson, Jordan, and his family – – – and our granddaughter, Faith, and her husband. They are expecting their first child (a baby girl) in April. We are so excited for them!

Monika and Ruthie fixed a wonderful dinner last night:
salmon and veggies and potatoes.

We spent time talking
about our heritage
and remarking about
how much Ty looks like my dad,
his Grandpa Sal.
Can you see the resemblance?

Then we had fun
giving Bob a bad time
about his “honker!”
See how he inherited his nose
from his paternal great-grandfather Davis?
That’s his dad’s mother’s father.

Prior to dinner
we took time to toast “Cheers!”
to all the family and friends
who prayed us safely here –
and gave thanks to God
for answered prayers.

Outside the weather was chilly,
rainy, and then foggy …
but the spirit of Christmas
was alive and well,
warm and inviting.

Across the continent – and over the Atlantic to Switzerland,
our crazy, fun-loving grandson, Nick
(and his sweetheart Celine)
celebrated the birthday of the King
in their own way with a milkshake
from the Burger King!

Don’t you love the way the internet
shrinks the world and brings
“Familia” into our lives
from around the world?

Merry Christmas to you,
my dear blogging friends.
I pray that you have a meaningful,
love-filled holiday
with your family gathered round.

Remember the Reason for the Season…
and bring that Christ Child into your family circle.

God bless you.
Let me know what your Christmas plans are, okay?
I look forward to hearing from you…
and I thank you so much
for following my blog.
I post with you in my heart and prayers.

Bee Happy!
Bee Well!

I send my love and hugs.
Have a wonderful time with your family!
See ya tomorrow (God willing)

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  1. Peter Martin said:

    If I live to be 110 years old, I’ll never forget the other family, the wrestling team . Gathered around the hot sweaty and stinky wrestling room, our haven from the outside world, a room steeped in perspiration, an aroma I have greatly missed, and the dozens of brothers in sport, that shared their time and energy to be with the best coach a group of deserving teenagers could have ever have been fortunate to be with. Through days of driving rain, late night dual meets and tournaments, cold winters, and the beloved Christmas practices, I and many others reminisce about the wind sprints in the girls gym, after practice free swimming, singing Christmas Carols in the showers, and beating all the other Hillsdale varsity teams during the president’s physical fitness testing. To hear the track and field coach ask Rudy, Eden, Oparko and myself, why we hadn’t gone out for the track/field team, was a reward for our season’s workouts. I miss the guys there in the wrestling room , on the mat, in the chute ready to take on another opponent, on the bus rolling somewhere, knowing that no student would know what we had done because it wasn’t football, basketball or baseball. We did it, not to show off to the entire student body, but we did it for our coach and teammates.
    Families come in many shapes and sizes, but what is important is that we stop, and remember those people as our extended family of lived ones, and that we thank God for them as much as our biological family. The coach didn’t talk much about God, perhaps because of school policy, but I think we all knew that God was with us each day as we suited up for practice or for a match. Thank you God for your love of all of us, and please keep us all safe as we go toward an uncertain future.

    • What a beautiful set of memories and lovely tribute to what sports and teamwork and dedication can do to form who we are and who we continue to become! Thank you, Peter. We love you! God bless you! <3

  2. So grateful that you made it to your family safely….. we will be having Christmas dinner with just three in our home….Ron, Lynn F. and myself….love to you both🥰 have a lovely time❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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  3. A delightful post – and with Burl Ives, too

  4. There is nothing like family. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  5. Pam Wiggins said:

    We are blessed this year to host Christmas with my mother, my brother and my mother in law. We will open it stockings, make pancakes and s biscuits and gravy. We will play games until the grandma’s (and uncle) arrive. Then we will read the story of Christ. Talk of the gifts Christ gave to us this year and what we will give him in the coming year. Then open the presents under the tree and spend the rest of the day eating, playing games, and enjoying the lights on the tree and the wassail on the stove… ❤️ Merry Christmas Mrs. B!

  6. Jan, may the hope, peace, joy, and love we receive from our Savior’s birth guide all of us into another year. As for my Ohio family, we had to postpone our Christmas gathering. One granddaughter had possible exposure to Covid, but she is just fine. We will now gather on New Year’s Day.

    • I hope your New Years Day is lovely. I am with Bob in the ER in a Napa hospital. They are helping him eliminate retained fluid so he can breathe normally again. Thank God for the dedicated doctors and nurses who are working in the New Year’s Day!

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