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Embrace Courage

Some days it takes courage to get out of bed!
Some days it takes courage to look yourself in the mirror.
Have you had days like that?
Today was one of them for me!

Oh my! Goose egg reduced –
– but eye suffering drained blood!

So, I could go back to bed and feel sorry for myself –
– or I could get up and face the day.
I had to ask myself, WWJD??
(What would Jesus do?)

So, I began with that simple prayer…

Jesus said to me, “Get up and face the day! Be courageous!”
So, I did… and by noon the one black eye was better
and the color had shifted so it was on the other eye, too.

Not near as frightening looking!

Matthew 9:22

“But Jesus turning and seeing her said,
‘Take courage, daughter…’ “

My devotional for today in Mornings with Jesus
reinforced the prayer response.
So, up and out I went!

We have been having day after day with skies filled with smoke
from the fires that are all around MT, ID, CO, CA, and OR.
The mountains have been invisible to us weeks on end.
But today I could see the mountains!

The view of the Madison Range
from our Pintail Ridge
here in Ennis.

By the time I spent a little time with a friend
and returned home this afternoon,
we had the clearest blue sky in months!
See, if you have courage to face the day,
God is good – and He will make you glad you did!

The beautiful view of blue sky
above and around our home…

The moral of the story is,

Don’t let your hesitancy
keep you from facing the day.

Get up,
Get going,
Get out,
Get happy!

God is good.
Trust Him!

Oh, and remember those fires in CA?
They are not over…

Please keep the firefighters and those in Harm’s Way in your prayers.
Our son and his wife are sharing their home with a family of 8
who were evacuated from their home… but it is not destroyed…
just in the evacuation zone … and the fire is still headed toward
our granddaughter’s in S Lake Tahoe. So keep the prayers flowing!

See ya tomorrowGod willing!

and reach out to do what you can
to help others…


Comments on: "Embrace Courage" (10)

  1. Very uplifting post.
    Glad you were able to find the strength and courage to step out.
    I love the positive mindset and attitude.
    Sorry about your eyes, Jan. Hope it’s healing much better and you’re doing okay.

    That is very kind and thoughtful of your son and his family.
    God bless you and yours.

    • Thank you for your good thoughts… I am grateful for your wish of God’s blessings. I know He is with me and this too shall pass (eventually!).

  2. I can’t imagine you giving up and staying in bed – but well done all the same

  3. Hi Jan,
    Good for you to keep going and not feel defeated.
    I hope your eyes continues to get better.
    Blessings! ♥♥

  4. I was so sorry to read about your head bang Jan❤️ AND pleased your found courage to embrace the next day anyway! You must be careful and take lots of rest… and laughter! Love to you x

  5. Good message for any given day! We don’t always what lies ahead, but we can walk with courage as we embrace God’s love, grace, and leave leading.

    • Yes, {{{Richard}}} walking with courage and grace, letting God lead the way… that’s the message for today as I head in to Bozeman to get Bob at the airport… praying for his safe travel.

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