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Embrace Hard Heads

Do you have a hard head?
Have you ever tested it out?

I tested out the strength of my skull yesterday!

Not on purpose, of course.

I was walking to the back of the car
to push the button that closes the hatchback.
Friends approached from my right, so
I turned to greet them as I kept walking.
Little did I know Bob had pushed the button
and the hatchback door was on its way down.
I walked right into it! Ouch!!!

I heard a loud crack when it hit.
A softer head would have split open
and (as head wounds go) it would have
bled profusely! But, I have a hard head, my friends!
The blood stayed inside and created a
black and blue goose egg!

Ah, thank God for friends!

Speaking of friends, Bob drove me home.
My head was throbbing like crazy!
I called our neighbor/friend, Janet, who is a nurse.
She came right over. Ice packs, pain killers,
Hugs and consolation… then alternating heat & ice.
Just what the doctor would have ordered!

TazE in my lap

As if the care of a friend wasn’t enough,
I was blessed with a very concerned, loving TazE.
She never comes and crawls in my lap,
but yesterday she wouldn’t leave my lap
(except to get up every now and then,
look me in the eye, kiss my cheeks and chin,
and then crawl back into my lap).
Aren’t animals amazing? So intuitive!
She knew “Mama” was hurting… and she
was there for me until the neighbors all arrived
to make sure everything was OK
and to pamper and feed me.
Then TazE was content to go back to her own bed!

This morning, after a shower and a couple of pain pills,
I was smiling once again… feeling no pain… and grateful
that the swelling had gone down and the bruising had not
traveled too far into my face.

Ah, my friends, EMBRACE HARD HEADS!
They come in handy at a time like this!

Oh, and by the way,
watch in the direction you’re walking today, okay?
Hah! No point in testing how hard-headed you are!!

It helps to comb my hair over the bruise.
You can hardly notice it, right?

See ya tomorrow (God willing) –

Comments on: "Embrace Hard Heads" (20)

  1. I’m so glad that it wasn’t more serious! I hope daddy was sorry!!!!!

    • Thank you, DeDe. I’m glad it wasn’t more serious, too. Your dad has nothing to be sorry about. He didn’t do anything wrong! I was the one who wasn’t watching where I was going!!

  2. Aww Jan that looks painful! If you have access to arnica cream that might help with healing the bruise. Wishing you a speedy recovery and sending love your way 💜💫

  3. Peter Martin said:

    Yikes!!! Bettrr duck and roll.
    Glad you’re doing well today. No more running into parked cars. Ok??

    • Thanks, Peter. If I had been looking where I was going, I would have stopped before I had to duck! But, I almost rolled instead! Lucky to be so hard-headed!!

  4. Oh my Jan, I’m so thankful you are better. And so glad you weren’t knocked out. Rest and heal!

  5. maudie lamb said:

    I have a hard head too Jan.. Should have been knocked out a couple of times from falling and hitting my head.. but NO…. just keep going… lol… love you and thank you for being a Hard Head my friend. Stay well…..

    • Thank you, Maudie! <3 You are such a treasure!! I'm glad your falls didn't result in any permanent damage. I think I am going to be OK <3

  6. Kristie Jones said:

    Oh Jan! I am so sorry. I too, had a fall recently – broke my foot and am hobbling around in a “boot.” I was so shocked to realize I fell. I have to start remembering how old I am. I keep thinking I am maybe 35. Now I remember I’m not!
    Hope you recover in record time!

    • So sorry to hear about your fall. Yes, we do have to remember we’re not as agile as we used to be… and I learned again the important lesson: “Watch where you’re going!” Thanks for your good wishes, Kristie. God bless you! <3

  7. Ouch. Thank God you are so resilient

  8. Dang! I’m so sorry. I’m glad you have a nurse living near you. And yes, dogs are so intuitive and comforting. Pomp knows when I cry or I’m in bed during the day that’s something is wrong and sticks next to me. Heal soon, Jan. Sending love and healing thoughts.

    • God bless you, Liz, for understanding – and for your healing wishes. I appreciate it!! Hope all is well with you. <3 Hugs to Carle. See you both Saturday afternoon <3 Yay!!

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