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A Tribute to Ken Hall

This morning I received this wonderful photo of a very talented and compassionate man, Ken Hall. It was attached to a beautiful tribute
written by his wife, Penny. You just need to read it! Click the link below.


Above our bed, Bob & I have a photograph taken by Ken. It captures a gorgeous sunrise above our Madison Range. On a good day, we can see that sunrise out our bedroom window. But, on cloudy days when the sun is hidden, thanks to Ken’s creative lens, we still have our sunrise.

As Penny mentions in her tribute, one of Ken’s talents was music. He played the Indian flute magnificently. I think he may have had a heavy dose of Native American in him. Here is the video Ken produced shortly before his untimely, unexpected death. I hope it will open for you.

I leave you with the peace
that only God can give.
May you live in such a way
that a tribute to you
is this heart-warming
after your unexpected, untimely death

(hopefully that’s after you’ve lived a healthy 100 years).

See ya later.
God bless you.
Bee well!!

Comments on: "A Tribute to Ken Hall" (6)

  1. pintail21 said:

    A beautiful video and the music is so calm. Condolences to his family and friends.

  2. Fran McNeill said:

    Oh my how moving and beautiful. It makes my heart sing with gratitude for Ken’s gift and God’s grace!

    • Yes, we were privileged to host a musical evening with Ken & Penny in our home about a decade ago. The memories of that flute-filled, inspiring occasion are especially sweet as I listened to his video here. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Fran. Than you for visiting and taking time to comment. Have a great evening and a Fabulous Friday! <3

  3. The video produced by Ken is a special treat from his gifts and talents. It took me far, far away from my kitchen table.

    • Thank you, Richard. You’re right… that video was definitely a gift. I hope Ken can look down from his heavenly place and smile at the joy and peace he has left behind for us. <3

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