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Launching Lucille

Lucille is our ATV. We named our “all-terrain vehicle” after the popular 1950’s to ’70’s comedian, Lucille Ball, because she has a red head and she’s a “ball!” Look carefully at that photo and you can see Bob, TazE (our Boston Terrier), and me… ready to have a Montana springtime ball!

There I am!!

Just as a ship is launched to the sea,
Bob & I launched Lucille on the mountains today.
It’s not her maiden voyage; she’s a veteran for sure.
But it was her first 2020 opportunity to play.

On our way to North Meadowcreek
in the Tobacco Root Mountains

We went with two other couples;
It’s a good thing we had them along
Because when Bob got stuck in the snow,
Rex was prepared for what went wrong

He had a long rope, and equipment galore-
So he pulled old Lucille out in a flash.
Us gals kept our 6 feet distance and watched.
We didn’t want to intrude or do something brash.

This video shows the end of the trial…
CG pulled the rope by hand at the end,
But Rex used it connected to his ATV
To pull Lucille out – way beyond the bend!

Penny & Rex Hocking

We went to the very top of the mountain
Where the sky was unbelievably blue –
And there we had lunch – a spectacular view –
Wish we could share this four-wheeling ride with you!

Caroline & CG Feldman
Bob and TazE

That snow-covered peak is gorgeous Mt. Baldy.
From here, it’s a much different sight
Than the way it looks from our house
Where it seems rounded and shines ever bright.

Looking east toward the Madison Range
Headed back down the mountain
Beautiful ranch tucked into the hillside
I love seeing the cattle in the field
Newborn lambs with freshly shorn ewes

The weather could not have been
More perfect for this ATV outing.
Life in the Montana mountains is grand!
Keeps me from sitting home – pouting!

TazE hangs out the side, enjoying the views
Back in McAllister
Lucille rides the trailer home
TazE loves taking rides on Lucille,
but now she’s ready to head home now!
Home again…
See Mt. Baldy out there?
I told you it looks rounded from our home.
Strange, huh?

I’m so glad you came to JanBeek today
To join our 2020 launch of Lucille.
Now it’s time to get in the kitchen;
Bob needs a hearty dinner meal.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

Bee well!
Bee safe!!
See ya tomorrow.

Comments on: "Launching Lucille" (29)

  1. oh my goodness, that looks like a total blast!!!! and your state is absolutely beautiful. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, I am new to your blog.
    Such beautiful surroundings, gorgeous picture and brilliant fun. What joy!

  3. What a beautiful Montana day! I loved the pictures. Thanks so much for taking us, your readers, along on your journey! Lucille, indeed! That was fun. I can almost imagine the wind whipping across my face, I am sure I was smiling the whole way! Especially the animals at the end. God is so good. You are blessed. Look at TazE’s little face, isn’t that the most adorable look ever?! God bless!

    • Thank you, Donna Marie. Yes, it was a splendid day, and yes, TazE is a sweetheart. I wish you could have joined us.

  4. It looks amazing.

  5. Hey ma! What a FUN day you had! Yay! But I didn’t see a few of the photos and the video. I guess the embedded link didn’t work or? Check it out and let me know if it’s fixed and I’ll come back and check it out! Love youuuuuuuu πŸ’•

    • They worked for me, DeDe. Did you try again?

    • Sunny De said:

      I didn’t realize that I had to click on a link that would take me to Twitter where you posted them rather than post them directly into your blog. Ahhhhh! Something new for me to learn! I saw the videos. Wow! Snow! Chilly up there but what a beautiful day!

      • Actually, it looks chilly with all that snow, but it wasn’t too bad at all. I’m glad you figured out how to get to the videos.

  6. Great outfit

  7. Jan oh what an adventure.. So wonderful pictures and video’s and dressed for the part πŸ™‚
    Nothing better than getting out in the great outdoors….
    Big hugs and Much love your way Jan.. <3
    Take care my friend <3

  8. Fran McNeill said:

    What a glorious day and great pics! So glad you could celebrate the day and beauty this way. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  9. Elaina Colby said:

    What a fun day and adventure. I loved my trip up the mountain with Lucille and friends last year. So much fun and beautiful photos and fun video.

    • Thank you, Laina. Yes, Lucille is a great tool for creating lasting memories <3 Thanks for your visit and taking time to comment.

    • I look forward to when you can come back and we can make more memories together on Lucille with you, Laina.

  10. Love this! The three of you rock, how enjoyable! Thanks for sharing! 😊

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