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Ya Gotta Get Better

I’m praying for you –
Ya just gotta get better.
Can’t live without you!

With COVID-19,
Too many lives are now lost –
Many in peril.

Be patient, my friends.
Please don’t open up too soon.
Keep yourself healthy.

Losing a dear one
To this invisible beast:

Bee well!

Is there someone out there who needs our prayers?
Pass this song along to them – – –
“Soon You’ll Get Better” –
Put their name in the comments below
and I will add their name to my prayer list.

I believe in the Power of Prayer.

We all need reassuring words – especially now.
Have faith in what will be.

Photo by Jayberrytech on Pexels.com


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  1. I also believe in the power of prayers. Please pray for my family here in the s USA and in Italy. I will pray for you and yours now. Ty

  2. You know, my long time blogging friend …. a little of this would be good for me. Promise I won’t keep it all — I’ll surely pass it along to others who need a little something extra. Keep writing, Jan. ❤️💚🧡

  3. Yes, indeed

  4. 💕💕💕

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