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How to Relieve Stress

Do you sometimes experience stress?

How do you overcome it?

Here are a half a dozen suggestions that work for me:

1. I Pray –

My faith in the Lord, knowing the Holy Spirit always is with me, is my first line of defense. I simply ask for His Peace to overcome the distress that is causing my stress. Usually that works if I just sit quietly long enough… and smile as I wait for His peace and confidence to flow through me. I know He is in charge – and He has my best interests at heart.

2. Take a walk or a ride

Go into nature and while I’m out and about, notice the beauty. Let the peacefulness of nature wash over me.

3. Reach out to friends.

Share my concerns with others and solicit their help. In the process, look for ways I can help them. Nothing makes me feel happier than being able to help another. My own stresses dissolve in the process.

4. Count my blessings.

Take my mind off the area that’s causing stress and remember all the areas of goodness & success in my life. Rejuvenate the “I can do this” spirit in me.

5. Put on some crazy music 🎶

… and let the theory of Music Therapy (the ISO Principle) wash over me as I gradually change crazy to rhythmic to slower, peaceful music. Watch … wait, and feel my mood change with the mood of the 🎵 music 🎼

6. Color!

Let the act of changing black and white to joyful color succeed in changing my stressful mindset to one of colorful positivity instead.

Which of those half a dozen ideas might work best for you?

Try them all…
And have a peaceful day!

See ya later!

Comments on: "How to Relieve Stress" (9)

  1. Very wonderful ideas Jan!

    • Thank you, Renee. Have any of those ideas been favorites of yours in the past?

      • All of the above! I just got my new adult coloring book out to color again last night. I sooo loved to color when I was little.

      • And now you are discovering that you STILL enjoy coloring, right? Good for you!! Actually, I was never a “stay in the lines” kind of person. My coloring is much more free-form. That zebra would have looked a mess by the time I got through with him!! But, it’s whatever works for you!!

  2. Great great ideas! I love the coloring one — the walking one — heck, all of them! I also find writing relaxing, especially if I’m just makin’ stuff up as I go along. No editing, no strategy — just rambling. Have a great day, too!

    • Yes, writing can be a great stress reliever… especially if it’s just for fun and no pressure, no deadline, no critics!

  3. Jan, you have some wonderful ideas. Spending time with God’s Word, walking in nature, and listening to music all seem to help me. If nothing else works, I sometimes just write . . . about anything.

  4. All are good. Talking out works best for me. I really like the zebra joke

    • Thanks, Derrick. That zebra picture tickled my funny bone, too – – – and was the inspiration for the blog. I appreciate your visit and comment.

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