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Worth Waiting For

I waited 28 years
For a card or letter
from my #1 grandson.
It was a card worth waiting for!!

God bless our post office!
In spite of no PO Box number on it,
it was delivered.

In addition to the surprise
of a postcard from our #1 grandson,
we also received a wonderful
set of pictures exhibiting his
phenomenal photography skills.

Aren’t they the world’s cutest couple?

I appreciated Mike’s photography so much in the few he sent me, that he created an Adobe album for me and sent some of the ones he has taken in Valais, Switzerland where he and Tania were born and raised.

That’s their town of Sierre below –
where our daughter, DeAna, lives
with her wonderful chef husband, Andre’
and her angelic mother-in-law, Denise,
and our #3 grandson, Christian.
Higher up the Alps,
look down at the road
they just traveled!
They hiked up to Hotel Weisshorn
Isn’t that a gorgeous setting?

Mike, you are a treasure!!

Thank you, Mike, for sharing.

That postcard was worth waiting for –
That trip to Greece was worth waiting for –
That darling Tania was worth waiting for –

They make such an adorable couple, don’t they?

Everything worth having
is worth waiting for.
Trust in God’s perfect timing!
Thank you God for letting me live long enough
to see this #1 grandson so happy,
and so willing to share his joy!

Thank You, God for answering prayers.

Have a beautiful day, my friends.
I hope your dreams and prayers
come true, too.
Keep on praying and dreaming!
Remember, they are worth waiting for!

See ya later!

Comments on: "Worth Waiting For" (21)

  1. Jan I know you are proud grandma! Great pics!

  2. Grandparent moments are unforgettable! In time, God will answer prayers.

  3. Aww.. how lovely this is..Jan… you must be a proud granny..so happy for you ♥️

  4. Gorgeous photos! Your grandson has the eye. Thanks for sharing (your faith, too). ❤️

  5. Very very special♥️.

    • Thank you so much, MamaDuck! I love being able to share with you the way life unfolds in the life of this 80 year old great-grama who loves the Lord and is so grateful for the way He blesses those of us who wait with patience on His Perfect timing. Sometimes it’s hard because we don’t know why He takes so long with some things… and why He allows such pain in our lives at times. But with patience and FAITH, the wait is worth it. He is ever faithful to His followers. TRUST!!

  6. Now that is time-travelling

    • Hey, take a look, {{{Derrick}}} – I am just now seeing your response here – I had forgotten about Mike & Rania’s Greece trip 2 years ago! <3 Time travel, indeed! <3

  7. Oh my goodness…..what gorgeous photos. And yes….I know that postcard will be treasured and was so worth waiting for. Great things always are.

  8. Hello Grammy!

    What a nice and thoughtful post you made! I’m so happy to make you happy!

    I really hope to see you guys soon too!

    Lots of love, Mike from Switzerland!

    • Interesting that I am just now seeing this response from you! You took that same Greece trip 2 years ago… I had forgotten that! Your photo are so beautiful!!

  9. Hello Grammy!

    What a nice post! I’m so very happy that sending you just a bit of information on our lives makes you happy!

    Love you very much Grams! Can’t wait to find a moment to see you guys!


    Mike from Switzerland.

    • What a pleasant surprise to find your comment here, Mike. Yes, every little bit from you makes my heart sing and makes my day brighter. Thank you for responding. I love ❤️ you!😘

  10. A great post! Gorgeous photos.

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