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Boneheaded Decisions


Assures us in chapter seven

Faith flows eternal

If faith’s eternal,

Shouldn’t my faith lead me straight?

Why do I wander?

Are you always right?

All your decisions are great?

You’re delusional!

All of us at times

Make boneheaded decisions.

Thank God for His Grace!

All the rivers flow

Into the eternal sea,

Yet it never fills.

My river of faith

Is evolving to follow –

Not because of me

God’s got me covered

In spite of my boneheaded

Circuitous routes.

Lord, lead me into

Your sweet everlasting sea;

Guide my faith river.

aerial photography of water beside forest during golden hour


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  1. This is refreshing, encouraging and a great reminder!

    • Thank yu, Charlotte. I appreciate your visit – and reassuring comment. I’m glad you found my message encouraging. Come again! <3

  2. Did you take the photos? They are beautiful!

    • Thank you, Charlotte, but no… I did not take them. My friend, Susan took the first one.It’s our Madison River here in Montana. Susan and her husband are great fisherpersons. And she has some wonderful photos of this river that runs through our town of Ennis. I found the second one on the internet.

  3. Profound thoughts

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