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Sunflower Power

As the sunflower
faces toward the sun
so my face must turn to Thee
You are my Source of FUN!

You alone are my source of power
and I long to “bee” with Thee
You accept me with “shower head”
And love whatever You see

You created each thing on earth
I love the sweetness of your Being
Turn my eyes to Your Face, O Lord
Set my feet on The Path You’re seeing

You alone are my source of power
So I pray to You today
Let me “bee” as the sunflower
and look to You EVERY day!


Have a wonderful weekend!
What will you do this beautiful day?

We’re having friends for dinner
before they move away next week.
Bitter sweet times…
Look to the Son for comfort ;o)

Friends always show their love.
What are brothers for if not to share troubles?
~ Proverbs 17:17

What do I call “Troubles” today??
It’s when a dear friend moves away.
Oh, how my heart aches already…
But, true friends stay in touch, come what may!!
How do you stay in touch
with those Sunflower people
in your life
when they move away?

Love to you,

Comments on: "Sunflower Power" (9)

  1. Thanks, Jan for the inspirational words and I am a lover of sunflowers!

  2. Love the connection between the sunflower moving towards the light and God’s children moving towards His light:) Emails and cards help keep me connected with friends who have moved away.

  3. Keep facing the sun and you will always shine!

  4. Inspirational as always

  5. Jan, thanks for sharing some Big Sky sunshine. It brightens up this Buckeye landscape.

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