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Wonderful People

I so love people
And I really need people
More as I’m aging

Certain things I do
I can do all by myself
If I remember

Other things I need
Someone’s help to accomplish
Like cleaning my house

a person cleaning a toilet bowl
Photo by Liliana Drew on Pexels.com

Toilets are the worst
And the most necessary
What’s the worst for you?

Bob says it’s weeding
He loves having help for that
Wonderful helpers

Wonderful helpers
Worked in the back yard with Bob
Priceless dear family

Wonderful Janet
Came to help today
Priceless kind neighbor

Make sure blood pressure
Is an accurate measure
Bob needed her help

Learning to request
And accept the help you need
Is not a “Guy Thing!”

Set aside ego
Admit you can’t do it all
It’s OK to ask

We all need each other!

It’s not so easy
To admit we need some help
Even for children

Our great-granddaughter
Needs help learning what to eat
Blocks are not the best!

But it’s not her fault
She just doesn’t know better
Wonderful folks teach

But not all folks learn
Oi, some adults still eat blocks
Or equivalents

Wonderful people
Never stop trying to teach
Always offer hope

Wonderful people
Tell us of HOPE’s origin
They are Living Hope!

Who are your true friends?
Who are the wonderful folks
Who’ve left their footprints?

Be sure to reach out
Tell them how much you love them
Yes, do it today!

So, “Thank you, Laina!”

And thank you, Jodie & Melissa!
You’re wonderful!


Comments on: "Wonderful People" (16)

  1. Dana Pulliam said:

    Good friends and family are priceless! I benefited from a wonderful network of friends and family during a recent health event. So grateful!!

    • That’s when we notice those wonderful people the most, isn’t it? When we’re in need! So grateful our friends step up!! <3

  2. Love the quote!

  3. It is so great when folks come to help. Whether family or hired helpers, they do such a great service as we grow older!

  4. A great post, Jan. It is great when folks come to help us. Whether family or hired helpers, the provide such a good service to us as we age.

  5. A great post Jan. You are right helpers become more important as we age.

  6. Elaina Colby said:

    A beautiful reflection, tribute and reminder. Love you, MomBee.

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