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He is the One!

Robert E’s the One🥰

Oh, he stole my heart away ♥️

I’m so very blessed 😇

Happy Father’s Day 🥳

I thank God for who you are 😀

For your precious love ❤️

Bob & I met in the summer of 1958 at a hometown dance.
We had many mutual friends because
he came from his little town of Hughson, CA
in to the bigger town of Turlock (about 15 miles)
to church every Sunday.
I didn’t go to that same church,
so I didn’t meet him while I was in high school.

That summer after my freshman year in college,
I returned home to Turlock
and attended a dance at the War Memorial building.
It seems like all our mutual friends
decided it was time for us to meet.

“Fine to meetcha!”
he would say each time we were introduced.
“What did you say your name is?”

It took two weeks after that introductory dance
for him to call and ask me out.
And it was three and a half years later
when I was graduated and teaching,
and he was stationed at an army base in Germany,
that we married and I went to Wurzburg to join him.

Here’s the guy I fell in love with in 1959

I don’t have a photo here of us in Germany, but it was a magical 9 months. I got a job teaching on the army base … a darling first grade. And when we returned to the states, I resumed my teaching career and Bob finished college.

His job at Shell Oil in San Francisco lasted only a year or so. Then he went back to college and earned his teaching credential. Bob taught at Hillsdale High in San Mateo for nine wonderful years. During that time our children, Ty & DeAna were born.

Bob with De (3) and Ty (5)

We moved back to the Turlock area in 1969 and our kids attended school in Modesto while I taught in Ceres & Hughson and Bob returned to his roots: beekeeping. The rest is history!

I just want you to know that I thank God every day for the love Bob & I have shared these 60+ years – and the gift of family God has given us.

Our “children” – Ty & DeAna

I pray that you other moms & dads out there can look back as I do, and feel enormous gratitude for the person God gave you to be co-creators… may your children honor you this day, dads.

Thank you, Dear Lord, for telling me,

“He’s the One!”

He certainly is! God bless you, Bob!

Thanks for being such a great father!

Happy Father’s Day!

Love ❤️ JanBeek

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  1. “He’s the One!” – Such a sweet love story to share on Father’s Day!

  2. Peter Martin said:

    Wow…what can you say about that blog? I met the coach in 1970. When Abbott Jr. High school wrestlers walked a quarter mile or so to the high school for classes and training. It was a big deal for a 12 year old to walk into a high school room and look at the likes of Kevin Morford, Mike Everson, Victor Salazar, Ralph Griffith, Gary Anderson, Gary Ching, and the guy, that for 53 years, I’ve called coach. My deepest appreciation and respect goes to the coach, and I’m glad that I didn’t fear the challenge. The coach was a sarrogate dad to over a hundred young men, where we learned teamwork, sportsmanship, dedication, motivation, and individual responsibility and achievement. I’m glad that life turned out this way. May God Bless the coach and Mrs. Bee.

    • Thank you so much, Peter, for this beautiful tribute! I will share it with Bob after I wipe the tears of gratitude away so I can see clearly again!

  3. A wonderful post

  4. I love this! Thank you for your service, too, wonderful Father!

    • Thanks so much, Karla. Hope your weekend was filled with love ❤️ and special memories!

      • You’re welcome, Jan. I was able to see my Dad and send off goodies to my sons (aka “Daddies”). Special memories indeed!🥰❤️

  5. You are a beautiful example of what it takes to make a marriage work. Love the photos. What a handsome guy! I enjoyed your interesting and great post!

  6. Blessings Jan, to both you and Bob! Every time I see photos of you, I witness a love that just continues to give and receive so much grace.

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