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He’s The One

I have another post by this same title
that I did this week,
but I couldn’t find it.,
so I recreated this old one…
and then I found the 2023 version.
“He’s the One” defaults to this
one written last year.
I retitled the new one:
“He is the One”
You can find it by clicking on the title
in the right hand margin.

Oh well…
This 2022 version
still is pertinent in its sentiments!
Go ahead… enjoy!

Hello, WordPress friends!
I took a break over Father’s Day
and Juneteenth long weekend
to concentrate on The One.

My Special One: Bob

I hope you had a memorable weekend, too.
Bob & I shared time with friends,
Celebrated the joy of a loving family
(even if the are 3 states and a continent & ocean away)
and enjoyed a delightful church service
and a Juneteenth concert (on TV).

I am grateful that the final (delayed by 2 years)
emancipation of slavery is at last being recognized
as a national holiday. It’s time for that freedom
to be real… for all people … freedom from war,
from oppression, from the injustice of inequality.
Freedom from all forms of prejudice…
We still have a long way to go.

But, the world IS changing.
Have you noticed?

My blog title today is a salute to The One
(not my God and Savior in Heaven,
this time,
but the One here on earth!).

I thought I created a brief salute on Father’s Day
– using my cell phone –
but it didn’t save as draft when I told it to!
Oh well … you wouldn’t have had time to read it anyway!

(This year – 2023 – we just finished a week
of fun with my niece, her hubby, best friend,
and our son, Ty & Monika)

Bob with our son, Ty

We had a nice FaceTime chat with our son, Ty, in California.
(And this year we just face-timed with our daughter, DeAna)
That was a bonus for my sweetheart
who, like me, was missing the opportunity
to be with the larger family
on this Father’s Day.

Our daughter, De (on the left top here) called the next day. Her Father’s Day was really busy!!

Three years ago in Montana
with our Swiss family
and daughter #2, Laina.

Our daughter, De, and her hubby, Andre’ came from Switzerland with his mom, Denise, and two of our three grandsons three years ago. Our daughter #2 (Laina from Glen Burnie- near Baltimore) joined the family, too.

Last year we went there to Vissoie & Sierre in Valais, Suisse – to see the family and celebrate De & Andre’s new chalet/hotel/restaurant. What a treat! My “One and Only Sweetheart” is such a good traveler… a good sport. He’s willing to go again this year – in August, God willing – because our oldest grandson, Mike (the one in the cap in the picture above) is getting married! Can’t miss our grandson’s wedding! We thank God that we have saved enough $$ that we can afford the trip! I’ll post updates so you can travel vicariously with us, OK?

De & Andre’s chalet
Relais de Melezes

Since our daughter married a man from another country
and we HAVE to go there, isn’t it nice that it is
such a beautiful country? We are blessed!

Have you ever visited Switzerland?
If not, I highly recommend it!!

I am so grateful to God that He told me
“He’s the One” when Bob and I were dating
back in the late 1950’s.
God was so right!
Isn’t He always?

My Sweetheart, Bob,
with our ice cream treat last week.

By the way, my left hand is gaining strength
and the fingers are becoming more flexible by the day.
It was a month yesterday –
the anniversary of my fall
that resulted in the dislocated/broken pinky.
I am going to PT twice a week and following
the instructions to ice/elevate/exercise
three times every day –
and wear the compression glove
to keep the swelling down.
Thanks for your continued prayers for healing.
God is good!

(Update 2023 – I can’t make a fist with that left hand –
It won’t close all the way. But, it’s not my dominate hand,
so I am not complaining!)

See ya tomorrow (I hope).
Love & Hugs,

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  1. Sunny De said:

    I love this blog post! And I love YOU, dear momma!!!

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful family! Beautiful pictures!
    I will make it to Switzerland one day, and perhaps to that gorgeous chalet.
    Blessings to you!

    • I hope you do! You can put Relais de Mélèzes in your Google search or Hotels.com and see more of this lovely place!

  3. Nice post 😄

  4. Jan, blessings to you and your special One. God’s grace and love shines outward from each of you.

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