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Risky Business!

Today’s Prompt was:

“Describe a risk you took that you do not regret.”

I had children.

Giving birth is risky business.
Raising children is risky business.
They’re expensive!
They’re trouble.

Do I regret deciding to raise two children?
They are a gift from God!

Here’s that spunky boy in today’s world:

Our son and his wife also took the risk.
They decided to raise a family.
But they were not able to have biological children.
So, they took the risk of adopting…
Not just one, but four children!
Adopting is risky business!!
God bless them!

Do they regret it?
You’ll have to ask them!

But, I know that decision of theirs
impacted our whole extended family!

When our granddaughter, Hope, was 18,
she decided she was grown up enough
to make her own decisions,
so she took a risk and left home.
She decided to live with a girlfriend.
(That’s her in stripes in that photo,
and the two little ones are hers: Xander & Sienna.)

Well, that living arrangement didn’t last.
Moving out is risky business.
In just a few months,
Hope was homeless,
couch-hopping, and in trouble.
We took the risk and invited her
to come to live with us in Montana.
It’s a risk we “do not regret.”

That little baby you prayed for this week
is Hope’s #3 … Charlotte.
Thank you, Hope, for taking the risk
of raising a family.
As David Jeremiah wrote in “Ever Faithful”
this week:

Life Takes Time

“Be patient with yourself and with others.
Put down roots.
Stay in one place.
And remember…
nothing takes the place of
God’s work over time.”

Yesterday I texted Hope:

“Hope, how are you and Charlotte doing?”
“We are doing good!!! She’s eating and sleeping well!”
“How are Xander and Sienna?”
“Ok! They’re doing good!
I’m recovering well!
And the kids, too.
They love her!

Yes, life is risky business.
Raising kids is risky business.
And we never stop parenting
as long as we and our children are alive.

Yesterday that little girl in Santa’s lap
up in that 1968 photo
was driving to a lunch date
in Switzerland (where she lives)
when a car dashed out into her path.

Oh my! Learning to drive is a risk.
Do you ever regret teaching your kids to drive?

Now, I need you to pray for DeAna and her transportation, OK?

And don’t forget to praise God.
She’s OK, even if the car is not!

See ya tomorrow.

No, I don’t regret having children.
Yes, Ty & De are God’s gifts.
But, every day’s a risk, isn’t it?

Life is risky business!!

God bless you all…

Comments on: "Risky Business!" (17)

  1. A great post Jan. Living life without regrets is a gift we all can apprecitate!

    • Indeed, Dwight, it’s a difficult life to achieve because we all make mistakes, right? But, to avoid regret, I guess we can look back and discover what God wants us to learn from those mistakes. Focus on the lesson, not the errors, huh?

  2. Elaina Colby said:

    I’m so glad my best buddy is okay and not even feeling any soreness a day later. Praise God for keeping her safe as well as the 4 “kids” in the other car.

  3. Thank you, dear momma, for your continued prayers and also to your faithful followers. I certainly appreciate you taking the risk of having children! 😄 And you better believe I will make sure and look carefully to the left everytime I enter a roundabout! I love you 😘😘😘

    • Ah, now I understand… ah hah! A roundabout! Now I see how it happened. I was puzzled. Oh my… quite a learning lesson!

  4. An especially loving post

  5. Dana Pulliam said:

    I’m especially glad that your parents “took the risk”!! 😘

  6. Well said Mrs. Bee.

  7. No regrets on our end either! We have a blended family of five wonderful, Christian daughters. In addition, the Lord has blessed us with 11 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. Blessings to every family!

  8. No regret.

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