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Reblog #16 – Our Mortality

Fear of Death?

Are you afraid of death?

I posted this blog about 4 years ago… and that fellow in the photo below has since gone to his eternal home. We all will meet again someday if we are believers. Are you? Let’s explore this topic together this Thanksgiving week as we thank God for each day He gives us, OK?


When I asked this friend, “Are you afraid of death? he quickly responded, “Nope!” with assurance.

2018… yesterday, I had an ultrasound. The radiologist not only took a million pictures, but then she called in her senior partner and asked for her assistance.

Oh my! What were they seeing? How many angles did the image need?

By the way, it was my kidneys and bladder areas, not something less complicated – like my hand. (By the way, this year I broke my little finger in a fall… and believe me, I have learned there is nothing simple about your hand!!)

Later in the afternoon I received a call from the medical center. It didn’t surprise me when they asked me to schedule an appointment ASAP for an MRI. They needed a more definitive picture of whatever is in there. Something that’s not supposed to be, of course.

Photo by Chris J Mitchell on Pexels.com

Would your mind do what my mind did under the circumstances?

Would the big “C” word enter your mind? And would you contemplate your own mortality?

I did – and I am!

When I go to the medical center tomorrow and they receive the MRI results, and they say, “Your days are numbered. You are full of cancer,” would I panic?


Why not? Well, all our days are numbered, aren’t they? Nobody’s going to get out of here alive.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

But, would I like to live a healthy 100 years
and then die peacefully and unexpectedly
in my sleep one night?

You bet!!

But, what are the chances? Pretty slim!

However, in today’s world, a person who has enjoyed good health and is living a healthy life style should expect to live at least into his/her 80’s. Don’t you agree?

Photo by Flickr on Pexels.com

After all, my parents lived into their late 80s, and so did both my in-laws. Genetically and socially, I expect to do the same. Wait, though…  I’m not quite 80 yet. (That was 2018… I am 82 or 83 already… but who’s counting?)

How would I feel about an eminent death sentence?

How would YOU feel? Have you faced such a challenge and overcome it?

My husband, Bob, was diagnosed with prostate cancer about a dozen years ago.

First step: We called my older cousin who is a Prostate Cancer Survivor “Poster Child.” We received tips from him. He recommended we get on line and learn everything we could about the disease and the treatment options. Go to renowned specialists (he named two). Get a second opinion. Keep a positive outlook. Pray. Share. Ask friends and family to pray with you. Seek professional advice. Research your options. Be your own best advocate. Remain positive.”

Second step: We did all those things, and Bob chose cryotherapy – he had his prostate frozen – and he is “in remission.” Cancer free – and living the “Golden Years” with me!

If I should learn that my days are short, I would miss my loved ones here on earth, of course. But would I be afraid of dying? As my friend said when I asked him that question, I can emphatically say, “Nope!”

I know where I’m going. I know my Redeemer lives and has a place reserved for me in Heaven. And, I pray you BELIEVE, too. Then, we can be assured we will see each other in Paradise and we will enjoy eternal joy together.

See you there someday …Hopefully not too soon!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.
We certainly have much to be thankful for, don’t we?


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  1. A sound, mature post, Jan. I guess we older ones are less likely to fear death. My late friend Norman, an Anglican priest who died in his 80s, said he did not want to go yet, but if that was God’s will that would be fine. I have to admit that I doubt that we will all meet again afterwards unless in memories, as now.

  2. Great blog post jan❤️ I feel it’s the illness and suffering that is linked with death that is scary. It’s maybe an idea we start to re-educate ourselves about suffering being a choice and how we can look at illness as a means to go deeper into self, into god and discover the healer within or the wholeness within! For we are all whole, we are just having experience to realise this.
    I see you’ve stopped reblogging! I was myself a bit disappointed in rara for not adding us to her pepper 2022 team! But I also realize we are all busy and blogging everyday is tough… I won’t be doing it again. However it has allowed me to organize myself and get the inspiration flowing! Always looking on the bright side! It makes all the difference doesn’t it jan. Happy thanksgiving to you both, hope you get out to your dinner date❤️ Take care, Much love

    • Yes, Barbara, I stopped reblogging. Decided I needed to be in the present. I am happy to “discover the healer within or the wholeness within!” Right now … being fully HERE. Bless you. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Jan, I always appreciate your honesty about our life’s journey. Through God’s grace, every new day brings us His blessings.

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