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Happy Day Before

Happy Day Before…. the rest of your life … a day of gratitude in the USA,… I pray you are well, anticipating a happy tomorrow, and living the good life.

Thank you for checking out JanBeek today. What are your tomorrow plans? We are planning to go to dinner with dear friends who live just a mile away … that is, if we can get out of our driveway! Look at what’s happening outside:

It’s pretty from the inside looking out! I’m not complaining. We have had several relatively dry years – so we can use the moisture! I just pray the roads are clear enough that we can get out tomorrow!

Yup, like that turkey who avoided the chopping block, I am grateful for life! Grateful for love and health, and all God’s blessings. What are you grateful for today? I pray that you’re feeling blessed, too.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow…
Happy Day Before…

Love to you and your family,

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  1. Fran McNeill said:

    Grateful for all the things you are, and in addition, a warm home amid the never ending snow out here. I am also sooooo grateful for you and Bob! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  2. Thank you for your good wishes, Jan. I guess I am grateful I won’t have to buy a new pair of specs. I hope you can get out of your driveway

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  3. Happy Thanksgiving. I experienced snowfall for the first time in 2017. I went to Germany in November to help my daughter. Her daughter was born there on the 10th. Her son son was born here in 2013. I was there for nearly three months and had a wonderful time. Do you live in a city or in a rural area. I asked because I did not see houses nearby. Thank you.

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    • Hello, Lakshmi! Happy Day After! We had a great Thanksgiving with friends. I will post later today with a few photos. We live just a mile or two from town. We’re in a subdivision where everyone has between 4 and 7 acres around their houses… it makes it feel like being in the country, even though we are not that far from town and our delightful neighbors. Your trip to Germany sounds delightful. Bob & I lived in Germany for 9 months when we were first married. We love that country and its people.

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  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Jan. Enjoy the snow! It was a warm 65 here today in NC.

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  5. Jan, I now know why I held off in reading this post. Your photos and video prepare me for Friday’s arrival of “real” winter here. Columbus will experience its coldest Christmas Day in 40 years. But being Montana, I’ll probably ask, “What’s the big deal?”

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