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A Month of Reblogging

Today is the last day to join NanoPoblano2022 … an invitation to look back at your favorite posts and reblog one each day.

I began blogging here on JanBeek more than a decade ago. I think it will be fun to go back and choose 29 of my favorites and tag them each day with NanoPoblano2022… and join the others who are accepting this challenge, too. My reblog for today will be titled “Reblog #1”

Look for it!

Meantime, Happy November 2nd to you. I am praying for my friend, Marcia, who fell (tripped on her way to bed) and broke her hip last night and had to have surgery – and is in the hospital in Bozeman, MT. Please add her to your prayer list for comfort and rapid healing! Thanks.

I shared with Marcia that I relate to her predicament… I tripped last April and broke my pinky. If you’ve followed my blog, you know about that. I was walking too fast and not looking where I was going. That little finger has not healed properly (in spite f weeks of physical therapy)… and I can’t make a fist with that left hand. It’s amazing what you can’t do if you can’t make a fist! It’s not just handy in a fight… you need it for wringing out clothes, or for scrubbing something, or for carrying something heavy. Ah, the lessons we learn the hard way!!

Slow down and watch where you’re going!

Have a Happy and safe November.
See you at Reblog #1…
Come on back!


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  1. Hello Jan… great that you are joining this challenge and I get to know you even better❤️ I’ve sent love and healing prayers to your friend Marcia… and sorry to hear about your pinky not sorting itself out! Yes slow down and be present❤️ sending love x

  2. I wish Marcia well

  3. Sending prayers to Marcia – I hope she has a speedy recovery!

  4. Keeping your dear friend, Marcie, in my prayers. May the Lord watch over her recovery and healing. Jan, praying for your finger. May the Lord encourage and strengthen your patience.

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