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Beautiful Things
Are sometimes visible things;
Most = Invisible!

This Persian’s pretty;
Her purr’s the absolute best –
And the love she gives.

These roses are grand,
But their fragrance is the best;
And their “giver” too!

This bird is gorgeous,
But its song is the greatest –
And its Creator!

This scene’s amazing;
But the peaceful feelings here
Are magnificent.

Adorable child –
She’s so beautiful to see,
Her trusting heart’s best!

The cake’s impressive,
But memories are more grand.
Beautiful moments!

(By the way that’s us: Bob & Jan… 57 3/4 years ago)

The moments, feelings,
The sweet smiles and the laughter –
That’s where beauty lives.

Life’s luxuriant
When people and places reign.
Beautiful visions!

Thank you for being
A beautiful part of my life
In my WordPress World.
You add JOY by your presence.

See you later!

Comments on: "Reblog #1 – Most Beautiful Things" (14)

  1. so very true Jan! thank you for the reminder.

  2. You are both still so recognisable from your wedding photograph

  3. That wedding picture was over 60 years ago now…

  4. Love the wedding picture❤️ and what a wonderful way to open your blogging november with beautiful things❤️ much love x

  5. This is the most beautiful blog. Thank you, Jan!
    Stay safe. LOVE. Uta ❤

  6. Beautiful post! Thank you 🙏 😊

  7. What a gorgeous wedding picture! What a treasure to look back.

    • Thank you! Yes, it was a magical day! The cake was amazing: each layer different: vanilla, chocolate, and carrot cake!

  8. Thank you Jan for sharing this post. Life is filled with endless, beautiful things.

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