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The Rhone River Valley

We went down the Alps

On public transportation

Spending the weekend

Don’t let the sheer cliffs scare you. This driver knows what he’s doing! Thank God!!

You’d enjoy the ride

Putting trust in the driver

He’s quite talented

We’re just relaxing

In Grandmaman’s lovely home

So blessed to be here!

Here’s Nick & Céline

They treated us yesterday

Pink Asian in Sierre

Great breakfast again

At Grandmaman’s lovely home

Sierre, Switzerland

Listening to bells

Is such a rare privilege

I wish you were here!

Our DeDe is such a blessing!

This is a typical scene of flower boxes in Vissoie. They are beautiful at De & André’s chalet.

Did I show you that brief video earlier? It was in my saved drafts.

This afternoon we had a wonderful lunch with Theu and Célia. Their son, Aurélien, lived with us in 2004-5 when we took a motorhome trip from CA to MT and UT and found our Ennis home. We have such wonderful memories of that year with him as he gained air hours to get his pilot’s license

Live sweet memories 
of beautiful days gone by
cherish the friendships
Thank you, Theu & Célia!

There you see Denise happily engaged in conversation with Célia who was across the table from her. They hadn’t seen each other in a while. We had not seen Theu & Célia since Aurélien’s wedding 8 years ago!!

I hope you are able to maintain long-term relationships like this one. Tell me about a special one you treasure.

Did I tell you yesterday about Sylviane? We started calling her Syli in 1982-3 when she lived for a tear with us in California. She took DeDe to live for a year with her family after she left us.

Young, naïve, beautiful, impressionable DeDe!

The lesson learned here: unless you want your daughter to go off to a foreign country to live the rest of her life, do not invite a foreign exchange student into your home when your dollywolly is young and impressionable!

Here I am with ZuZu, our 1980-81 Swiss son.
So… on the other hand…

… if you want to enrich your life exponentially, you might consider just that! Check out AFS and tell them what country you’d like to have change your life!!

My friend, Dana, said she wanted to hear more alpenhorn. Here you are, Dana:

Thanks for vicariously traveling with us one more day! See ya tomorrow. Meantime, have a blessed Saturday.

Love, JanBeek

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  1. I’m soooooo happy you made it here safe and sound!!! Looking forward to three weeks of fun with you both 😚🥰❤️😘💋

    • We certainly had a marvelous, memorable three weeks there! Thank you so much for your generosity and love! We are filled with wonderful memories!

  2. How wonderful that you can be back with your family in Switzerland. Great photos! Have a wonderful time at the Wedding!

    • Thank you for the good wishes, {{{Dwight}}} – I am just seeing these comments today. Don’t know how I missed them. Functioning on an iPad and phone is not quite like being home on my computer!

  3. How beautiful!!! I’m glad you are enjoying the trip! Have fun and be safe. 💜

    • Thank you, Renee. Now that we are home I am catching up on some of the comments I missed when I was dealing with my iPad & iPhone, not my Mac. Stuff got lost or hidden that is surfacing now. Hope you’ve had a good three weeks. Ours was fabulous! <3

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