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What Makes You Laugh?

Bloganuary#7 Prompt asked,
“What Makes You Laugh?”

If we can laugh at ourselves
We’ll always have something to laugh about.
If we can chuckle at our idiosyncrasies,
We’ll be happier, no doubt!

We can overcome difficulties faster
If we look at them through lenses
That are tinted with lots of humor.
Laughter is a medicine that cleanses!

Photo by Flickr on Pexels.com
JOY is in ReJOYce!

The Bible has several examples of laughter.
Here are three:
1. Sarah laughed in unbelief.
2. Abraham laughed in wonder.
3. Then they both laughed in joy!

I find it interesting that I find no scripture of Jesus laughing. Do you know of any?

I agree with these illustrations.
Surely He laughed when He was with the children!

Besides laughing at yourself, what else makes you laugh?

A good meme?
A funny grandkid?
We can’t help laughing.
It’s better than complaining or crying!
Laughter is a blessing.

Honey, it’s you!
And it’s OK!!

What makes YOU laugh?

See ya tomorrow (God willing)

These examples of laughter make me laugh in wonder
because they sound more like my respiratory virus cough
than they do real laughter! Come on, you can do better than this.
Give me a laugh!!

Comments on: "What Makes You Laugh?" (7)

  1. Ha.. i think the one that fits me is the monkey poster… That can’t be possible! LOL

  2. Pam Wiggins said:

    You ask if there are any examples of Jesus laughing. I agree that there are none in the scriptures, which is so sad! I completely agree that he does laugh with children and I’ll bet there were plenty of times when he laughed with his apostles and friends and family. So let me ask you this: have you heard of The Chosen? It is a Non-denominational series telling of the story of Christ’s ministry. It is absolutely beautiful to watch. It takes the story of Christ and makes it real. I was explaining to my children that because of how hard it was to write and how few people could at the time, and how scarce the supplies were, the stories of Christ are very condensed. They don’t go into a lot of depth about all the details of what happened each day. This show takes some liberties with the minutia but they are liberties that I completely agree with and are just beautiful to watch. They give Christ a personality that is absolutely perfect! Approachable, wise, funny, brotherly, loving, stearn when necessary… Need I go on? It also shows his apostles as real people with real flaws. Not perfect people. Just like us. My family watches an episode every Sunday. So far they’ve got two seasons and it ends just before the sermon on the Mount. I do believe the plan is to eventually have seven seasons. You can find it on YouTube, vid-Angel, BYUtv and I’m sure other places. It is absolutely amazing! I highly recommend it and chances are high you won’t be able to stop at just one episode. It does take a couple episodes before you even are introduced to Christ, it takes a while to lay the foundation and character development. But everyone knows the best stories always do take time to lay that foundation!

    • Thank you, Pam. Our son has been encouraging us to watch it. He set up a tv in our bedroom and programmed it to the Chosen, so we could see a couple episodes each night. We’ll start this evening.

  3. We laugh because we are comfortable with the friends around us. Ever notice you don’t laugh when we are miserable and unhappy? I sometimes laugh around dogs and watch how they become friendlier.
    Laughter is necessary. Laughter is easier than crying. Laughter is free and freeing. Laughter says thank you. Laughter is best between friends. Laughter is sharing a close intimate relationship. Laughter is rarely welcomed except by the truly miserable who have to stop others laughter for fear of changing. Like yawning, laughter is contagious. Laughter is a moment of innocence.

    • Wow! That’s poetic, Peter … and full of nuggets. I especially liked, “Laughter is free and freeing.” So true… May you have some very freeing moments this Sunday. God bless you!

  4. I love the pictures of Jesus laughing the most. They really touched my heart. You have written such a beautiful blog on the blessings of laughter xx

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