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Embrace Your Passion

Embrace your passion –
Figure out just what it is,
Then LIVE your passion.

Yesterday I lived –
I lived passionately –
But I did not blog.

Even though blogging
Is an important passion,
I did not write it.

Sometimes you need to
Set aside pen and paper –
Set aside writing –

And LIVE your passion!
I listened to the Spirit
And followed its voice.

Photo by Prashant Gautam on Pexels.com

My most important passion is what this blog’s sub-title spells out: spreading love, joy, peace, faith and unity.

In the process of living out my faith, I spend time every morning in my “SanctuAiree” among the angels, Bibles, devotionals, birds level with me in the trees, and the Holy Spirit alive and well. surrounding and in me. I listen for that still small voice – and try to obey its directives.

As the contact person and secretary for our Pastor Nominating Committee, I have worked consistently for over a year – collaboratively with my wonderful, dedicated team – to find the pastor we think God has in mind for us. We see a light at the end of the tunnel … and are praying for wisdom and discernment. Yesterday I worked on that project. I am passionate about helping to find the “right” person to lead our congregation into the future. It is a huge responsibility – and we take it very seriously.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Do you have a project about which you are passionate? Are you living that passion? Do you see a light at the end of your tunnel? I’d love to hear about it.

Have you defined your purpose in blogging? Are you feeling like your purpose is being fulfilled? Are you passionate about it? Cristian Mihai in “The Art of Blogging” tells us often that unless we are writing about things we are passionate about, our messages will fall flat.

Sometimes I feel that my messages are not resonating with my readers. When I get that feeling, I have to back up and ask myself, “Who are you writing for?” If one or two of you respond, if I have reached into the heart of just one other blogging friend out there, that has to be enough. It’s not a numbers game! YOU are the only reader who matters. I am sharing my passion with YOU.

My passion is to LIVE in such a way that at the end of the day, I can say to myself, “I did what the Holy Spirit called me to do today, and I did it with gusto. I did my best – and now I can rest.”

My daddy and my Holy Father in Heaven said,
“Well done, Jan!”
Their voices matter!

Embrace Your Passion!

See ya tomorrow
(God willing)…

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  1. I believe it doesn’t much matter what our passions are as long as we have them. Photography is one of mine – and I think the picture of you and your daddy is passion-worthy

  2. What a beautiful important passion you have! Nothing beats spreading love and joy. God has commanded several times that we love one another. You’re doing just that with your passion. How amazing!

    • Thank you, I appreciate your comment so much! Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you on this. I’ve been living my passion … no blogging for three days… even though WordPress is one of my passions, sometimes it has to take a back seat to the face-to-face stuff, you know? <3 <3

  3. Blogging is the passion that has gone beyond any others I have had. Most of my passions have a beginning and an ending. But the blog has gone way beyond anything I could have imagined when I started in 2016. I decided to attempt to post every day if possible. I have only missed a hand-full of days each year. Meeting people like you from all over the world is amazing. And the fact that they connect with my posts is very rewarding. Don’t know how long I will keep on going, but so far I keep finding new everyday things to write about.
    Sounds like you have a big job with your pastoral selection committee! Wishing you the best in your search.

    • Thank you so much. We see a light at the end of the tunnel… just need to jump through the hoops and be patient! It’s hard! Your blog is a delight. I’m glad it calls you to share – and you do so with such creativity! <3

  4. A great photo of you and your dad! :>)

  5. Elaina Colby said:

    My passion is to LIVE in such a way that at the end of the day, I can say to myself, “I did what the Holy Spirit called me to do today, and I did it with gusto. I did my best – and now I can rest.” Mine too MomBee!
    I often think that I should be blogging or knitting blankets or crafting, or doing something more “tangible“ but each time I try to start something like keeping a journal or starting a craft, it becomes overtaken by my busy life. So I have had to decide that what I do each day to help others and to be a messenger for God can and is enough (for now). I don’t have to knit a blanket. I don’t have to be a blogger. I do many other things that make my mark. I think my passion is to be a good person and to try to bring happiness into others lives. Thank you for your blogs!

    • Live your passion, Laina. It’s a good one – and nobody can do it better than sweet, thoughtful, loving YOU!

  6. Jan, as always your enthusiasm inspires others to pursue their passion. Both of as teachers, understand this blessing. While my day-to-day passion is my writing, I have been dealing with real life distractions . . . Covid vaccination, looking ahead to visiting family in Montana and Maryland, and most important of all–assisting my siblings with our mother’s needs.

    • I hope when you visit Montana we can enjoy the pleasure of your company here in Ennis! Thanks, {{{Richard}}} for your shared passion = your writing is a delight!

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