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Dogs in Heaven?

Today a good friend of ours
Is having to say good-bye
To her furry companion
Such days make me cry

Photo by Julia Volk on Pexels.com

The doggy’s name is Hannah.
She’s been a faithful friend.
Companionship and a love –
Giving comfort to the end

Photo by Szabu00f3 Viktor on Pexels.com

I wrote this poem for my friend, Fran, as a comfort as she sees Hannah off on her final journey. Bon Voyage, dear pup. You’ve been a treasured friend for over 15 years. You’ve earned you eternal reward!

I Believe

I don’t have to understand
In order to believe.
I just have to trust –
And know it’s okay to grieve.

When tragedy strikes –
Like the death of a friend –
I don’t have to comprehend
Why my friend’s life must end.

I can just believe
There’s a heaven and a hell.
My friend will ascend
To eternity to dwell.

In heaven are the ones
Who lived by the Cross.
They accepted God’s grace,
So their death is not loss.

There are people and pets
In that paradise up high.
I don’t have to understand –
Just anticipate the sky!

Photo by Ruvim on Pexels.com

Rest in Peace, Sweet Hannah.
Your cross to bear has ended –
Your life you shared and blended.
Your soul to heaven ascended.

See ya round the bend!

Have a blessed Saturday.
Say a prayer for my friend, Fran.

These pictures below are from a book by Cynthia Rylant titled, “Dog Heaven.” It was a gift to us from the Colorado State Veterinary Hospital staff after our beloved Boston, Angela, died following a two year bout with cancer.

And thank God there are fields for romping in Heaven.

See ya round the bend.
(Do you have a pet waiting for you in Heaven?)

God bless ya!

Comments on: "Dogs in Heaven?" (28)

  1. Fran McNeill said:

    Oh Jan, how beautiful a tribute to my precious Hannah. Thank you. My heart is broken 💔 and right now it feels like it will never heal. Keep the prayers coming 🙏. I need them so much. No one could have loved Hannah more.

    • I’m so glad Elaine and Steve are there to provide company and comfort for you today. I’m there in spirit, too, Fran. God bless you and help you overcome that broken heart. <3

  2. A beautiful and tender post, Jan.
    We anticipate seeing Lacey and Paris, our much beloved Golden Retrievers. 🤗

  3. So sad to lose a pet! Love your great poem of comfort and hope!

  4. Fran McNeill said:

    I have always believed and continue that God gave us our pets to teach us how to love unconditionally. This marks one of the hardest days in my life. Before my husband’s death in 2016, he was there to share my grief. I’ve never faced a pet loss alone.

    • Our hearts are with you, Fran. Everyone who loves their pets will understand this kind of pain and will be holding you up in prayer. Hannah was such a fortunate little soul to have been loved and looked after so much while she was with you. May God bring you comfort.

      • Fran McNeill said:

        Lesley, how deeply I appreciate your response and reaching out to me through Jan’s blog. You convey a heartfelt understanding, and I am so grateful.

      • Thank you, Fran. May God comfort you and I hope it’s not too long until the pain isn’t so severe and you’re reminiscing about Hannah with love, joy and humor.

      • Ah yes, Lesley, I love your response – and I ditto it!! <3

      • Thanks Jan. I think, being dog lovers, we all understand. x

      • Thank you, {{{Lesley}}} for your thoughtful response. I ditto your remarks. <3

    • You may feel alone… without Alex’s arms there to surround you, but you are never alone you know. May the God of Hope surround you with all the love you need right now to bring comfort and healing. <3 We are with you in spirit. <3

  5. That book looks really special, Jan. The pictures are beautiful and that’s how I imagine all our pets who have left us – running about and having fun.

    • Yes, Lesley, it is a wonderful book. I intend to go to Amazon and order a couple of copies to give to friends when this kind of pain happens to others. We usually can count on our pets’ lives being shorter than our own. I think that may be part of God’s plan. They teach us how to live joyfully, love unconditionally, and die peacefully. Priceless lessons, indeed. <3

      • I looked her up on Amazon and she’s written lots of beautiful books for children.
        I agree with you about what our pets can teach us. They’re such a blessing to us. x

  6. A good poem, Jan

  7. A very blessed post! My Ohio daughters and their families have experienced the life and blessings of their dogs.

    • Thank you for the visit and sweet response. Your daughters enjoy their dogs. How about you? Have you and Colleen enjoyed the kind of furry friend in your home?

  8. So sweet and thoughtful. Thank you.

  9. We have lost quite a few dogs (and cats) through the years, and each one is painful in a different way. Their personalities were different, their stance, their way of talking to you. They are sorely missed, and I know they all wait in heaven, playing and horsing around with each other, until we get up there to play fetch with them.

  10. Elaina Colby said:

    Such a beautiful poem. Can I share it?

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