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The Reason

The Reason for the season
Is not always clear.
Today as I was decorating,
This message caught my ear.

Time to decorate
For the coming of Jesus.
It’s Holiday Time.

Time to decorate
The foyer and entryway;
Put up Christmas wreaths.

This fresh wreath is in the cool foyer
This one’s in the entry
(on the other side of the foyer).
See the stairs to my sanctuary there?

Time to decorate
Dining room and kitchen, too.
Poinsettia in place.

Time to decorate
Living room and outside, too.
Hang lighted snowflake.

Time to decorate
For the coming of Christmas
Where is the manger?

Is Jesus in your decor?

I can decorate.
The reason for the season
Must be apparent.

Bring out the hand-made stockings
and all the memories
those stockings bring to mind!
When I hang this little guy
on the tree, I remember
Bob’s years as a beekeeper.
Bob’s Aunt Nora made this one.
She lives on in our hearts.
Before we had TazE,
we had two other Boston Terriers:
Angelo and Angela.
Their memories remain alive with these ornaments.
Remembering our Bostons
is part of the Christmas joy.

Look carefully at that picture.
Santa is back there…
But in front of him is a clay manger scene.
It looks pretty primitive.
That’s because it is!
Out son made this as an art project
in Sunday School when he was about 6 years old.
He’s now 55.

Do you keep such works of art
and take them out each year
to treasure the memories?

Can you guess
what this is?

It is a case from a friend who visited from Africa –
and in the case are these darling manger scene figures
made from grasses:

They remind me of our dear
friend from Zimbabwe, Lamiel,
who lives in my heart.
Grandma Beekman’s Christmas egg

When the Christmas decoration boxes come up from the basement, with them come so many memories.
This is a real egg with a window cut out by my dear mother-in-law, Laura Belle Beekman.
She painted it red, decorated it, and added a musical angel to the center of it.
It was my Christmas gift from her in the early 60’s, shortly after Bob & I were married.
With her Faberge’ style eggs, she comes alive again – and lives in our Christmas decor.

See the date on this?

When I hang this ornament on our tree each year,
my Hillsborough, California kindergarten class comes alive.
This one with our kitty,
was the sample I made as my students were creating theirs –
with a picture of themselves on their ornaments.
One of those students, Heidi, still has hers.
She posted it on FaceBook last week.
What a treasure!
Heidi is now 55!!

The boxes of ornaments are filled with memories.
Not all can go on the tree…
But it’s such fun to decorate.

How are you doing with your holiday decorations?
Have you put up a tree?
Or do you have a Menorah?
Or an Advent Wreath?
Tell me about your decorating fun this time of the year.

And meantime, click on the link below
and enjoy two of my favorite singers
singing one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Merry Christmas is coming…
Enjoy your decorating!
And don’t forget the
See ya tomorrow.
Love, JanBeek

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  1. Simply beautiful, thank you for sharing your home, voice and your love of Jesus! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’—βœοΈ

  2. How fun to see all your decorations! I especially loved seeing the photo of my first beloved cat, Zebra. I bet you were digging through your brain for her name, hmmm? πŸ˜… I’m so glad your home is bursting with the reason for the season. I love you!

    • You’re exactly right! Both Bob & I were wracking our brains. Thank you! <3 I need to uncover that same ornament – but it was the 1971 photo of you and Ty on it! <3

  3. A lifetime’s memories in these. The clay manger scene is wonderful. We tend to leave our decorations until after 19th which is our son’e birthday.

  4. Beautiful decorations, correct Jesus is the reason for the Season

  5. Jan, you and Bob have been busier than any of Santa’s elves. Your home is filled with so many memories held tightly in each decoration. Our home is ready for Christmas as well, complete with the nativity scene near the tree, with the wise men back in the distance (waiting for Epiphany).

  6. svphillips10gmailcom said:

    Jan, your decorations look fantastic! I really missed our time decorating together this year. Let’s continue our tradition next year. Love you and Bob😘

    • Yes, Susan. I missed you, too… but this COVID has made everything different this year, hasn’t it? I pray next year we can safely gather again. Bee well <3 Hugs to you and Curtis <3

      • Anonymous said:

        I agree Jan. COVID has changed things. Curtis is likely to have eye surgery in January so he has to stay safe between now and then. Praying things go back to normalπŸ™πŸ»

      • We understand that “stay safe” mentality. We’re in that frame of mind, too, as Bob prepares for his procedure tomorrow. Hugs to you and Curtis, {{{Susan}}}. Love you both lots! <3

  7. Nice job! I’m in the mood now!

  8. Elaina Colby said:

    Your decorations are are beautiful and with such special meaning. I specially like your old Santa collection on the mantel.

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