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Feelings Check-in

Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Got too much on your plate?
Take a step back and regroup –
Don’t bite the “Gotta” bait!!

You don’t “Gotta” do nothing
But eat and breathe and live.
Set aside the burdens and
Sort life with a sieve.

Sift out what is draining,
And give yourself compassion.
Let go what’s upsetting
And let yourself start laughin’.

Yup, go find yerself a sandbox
And sit in it with friends.
Share the stuff that troublin’
And watch how the sadness ends.

And when the sandbox play
Comes to an end, get up
And bid the spiders, bees, and ants
Good-bye while you go and fill your cup.

Have a cup of kindness
With some honey to sweeten it.
Chase those blues right out the door.
Tell your stress you’ve beaten it!

When you look at each day smiling,
There is really no denying it,
You can beat the blues and stressfulness.
Go out fearlessly … Bee a Leo: Lion it!!

Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Got too much on your plate?
Set some aside – and get some rest –
There’s always tomorrow; that’s not too late!

Thanks for popping in!

Have a good night!
See ya tomorrow.

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  1. Sound advice

  2. Sweet poem with great advice 😘 I love you, Mom 💗😘💖🥰

  3. Elaina Colby said:

    Were are you channeling my mood MomBee? This definitely hit home for me. Thank you so much for your wonderful poem and advice. I love you!

    • I love you, dear LainaLainaLaina!! I’m praying for you to have a peace-filled day. <3 Thanks for visiting JanBeek and taking time to comment. I appreciate you! <3 I love you bunches!!! <3

  4. This got me thinking about the last time I played in a sandbox. I don’t recall exactly when it was. What I remember was that it was as a friend’s house. We took off our shoes and let our feet squish in the sand. I remember the smell of the sand which was slightly damp. Ahhhh, relaxing.

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