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Fondue and Chalets

Fondue and chalets
Speak of Switzerland to me
It’s so beautiful!

My grandson, Mikey,
Is teasing me with this cheese.
He knows I love it!

And my daughter, De,
Is teasing me with Swiss scenes.
USA’s shut out!

Because of COVID,
We can’t even think of going.
I long to visit.

Come travel with me
Via Internet magic.
No place prettier!

That church is close by
De and Andre’s restaurant.
Opening date soon.

I love Swiss chalets!
This is not a chalet. Notice, no windows.
It’s for grain storage and tools.

Notice the big flat rocks under the building at the top of the posts. That’s to keep mice and other rodents from climbing in and stealing the grain!

Do you imagine
Travel restrictions will lift
In a year from now?

Anyone know who this man is on the memorial rock?

Thanks for traveling
Vicariously with me.
Next year: Go for real!!

Have a Restful Thursday night.

See ya tomorrow.
Meantime, enjoy some Swiss music.

The next You.Tube is a young man from Germany who is at an alphorn competition in Nendaz, Switzerland – very near where De and Andre’s home is in Sierre and their restaurant in Vissoie. He is delightful. Do take time to listen to him!


Comments on: "Fondue and Chalets" (16)

  1. thank you, beautiful pics

  2. Thanks for sharing my pics, ma! I’m pretty proud of them! Oh, and it was Chris who took that fondue video and then shared it with the family 🥰. I can’t wait for this damn COVID to go away so you can come here!!! I love and miss you so much! 💗💗💗

    • You have every right to be proud of those photos, De. They are really beautiful! And yes, we are looking forward to a 2021 trip – and praying the pandemic is under control n the USA so that we are allowed in to Europe again!

  3. That was fun to listen to the young German speak about the alphorn!

  4. Oh Jan, I love all of this! Do the ones teasing you live there? Or just want to go there with you? The country is beautiful. I hope restrictions lift by next year. I do so want to travel a little before my time here is done!

    • Yes, the teasers live there! I discovered it was my grandson, Chris, not the older one, Mike, who sent that teasing video of the thumbs up and the fondue! Stinker!!

  5. We love Switzerland too… it was where my first job was in a hotel in Leysin near Lausanne…. after 6 months I escaped slave labour and went to Amsterdam! Our daughter then lived there for many years before returning to the Caribbean. Beautiful pictures of the chalets, flowers and fondue… oh we love eating that too and reminds me I have a packet in the cupboard❤️ Thanks for the share Jan and wish you and your family a great weekend and yes by next year we’ll be living in change! Much love, Barbara x

    • Thanks, {{{Barbara}}} … we are counting on a change by next spring that will allow us to travel there. I have been to Leysin… what a beautiful spot! I’ve also visited Amsterdam during the tulip festival a couple dozen years ago. Gorgeous part of this world, isn’t it? <3 Than you for visiting JanBeek and leaving your lovely comment. <3

  6. Lovely. I do hope you will be able to visit agin before too long.

  7. Such lovely pictures.

  8. What a fascinating and beautiful place! I would love to vacation there. Fascinating about the rocks and mice!

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