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What Binds Us Together

What Binds Us Together?

A little of this
A little of that
A mountain of snow
A dog and a cat

A look through a window
At September snow
A beautiful fence line
Where horizons glow

A plate of raclette
To make my mouth water
A beautiful friend sharing dinner
With my lovely Swiss daughter

Dear Liz, sweet life-long friend!

A look into hearts
From an angel’s swing
Helps us see one another
With the love we bring

If we can see others
Through an angel child’s eyes,
How much kinder this world
Would be… and how wise!

Look for the magic that binds!
2 Sweet Rainbow Lorikeets

What binds us together
Like birds of a feather
Is not what you see
On a plate or the weather

What binds us together
Is the love that we share
So, let’s share it generously…
Spread your love everywhere!

Share LOVE!!

What is it that binds you to your loved ones?
Of course, it’s the love… but it’s also shared interests.
How do you cultivate and grow those interests?
Think about it… and buy an extra bag of that fertilizer!

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See ya tomorrow.

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  1. An uplifting post

  2. Love animals here, with our dog who is a service dog from a shelter and cats

  3. Lovely poem, ma! Thanks for sharing the raclette and wonderful Liz! 🥰😘💗

    • Thank YOU for sending those photos! I love sharing your life with you… even if it has to be from such a distance! Thank God for the Internet!! <3

  4. I really enjoyed the snow-topped mountains. It’s autumn in the valley (with a few shots of summer still left), but the mountains are dreaming of winter.

    • Yes, Richard, the mountains are dreaming of fall colors … and THEN winter. A couple of aspen are turning yellow already. No orange leaves yet. But, it’s coming! <3

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