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Meet Faithful and Faith

Here is Faithful:

Faithful is a Yellowstone moose. He’s 14 years old! When our granddaughter, Faith, was about 10 years old, she visited us here in Montana. As a family, we visited Yellowstone Park. She and her three siblings each were given a little money to select a souvenir from the gift shop. As kids typically do, they chose something for themselves. But, Faith was not typical. She selected this moose – and gave it to me as a present … a thank you for their visit.

Today is Faith and her husband, Kyle’s wedding anniversary. They were married a year ago. Faith is as thoughtful a young lady as she was as a little ten-year-old. Every morning I say a special prayer for Faith and Kyle as I make my bed, and put “Faithful” back in his central place of honor in front of the pillows.

Fourteen years has taken its toll on Old Faithful. His hat is torn – and it was chewed a little by TazE when she was a puppy. But still, I cherish this little stuffed moose.

I tuck the torn hat in under his antler and ask the Lord,

“Please watch over Faith and Kyle.
Tuck them under Your wings, O Lord,
just as I tuck Faithful’s hat under his ear.
Give them health and happiness,
love and longevity.
Keep them safe.
And help them lean on Your love
and their Faithfulness
this day and every day.

Happy 1st Anniversary, Faith and Kyle.

May they love with a universal love –
always generous,
grateful and hopeful,
brave and forgiving,
proud and yet humble.

Here is Faith – on her wedding day –
dancing with her dad, our son, Ty.

Do you have children?
Or grandchildren?
How about great-grandchildren?
The most important gift you can give them is the gift of daily prayer.

God bless you, Faith and Kyle. And both our children and their families.
Yes, we are so blessed.
Thank You, God,
for You are always FAITHFUL!


See ya tomorrow.

Comments on: "Meet Faithful and Faith" (19)

  1. Full of love and affection!!! Your posts radiate positive vibes of love and care !!!
    Faith is so beautiful!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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  2. amazing work!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Beautiful post !

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  4. A lovely, loving, post. I wish the couple years of happiness

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  5. Beautiful, Jan. A tender and loving post which reminds us of the power, and privilege of prayer.

    Moose are plentiful here in NL.


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  6. What a gorgeous wedding dress! It sounds like it was a lovely wedding ceremony!
    Faith is lucky to have Faithful and you on her side πŸ™‚
    Blessings! β™₯β™₯

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  7. Jan, your story about Faithful, Faith, and love is a precious gem. Thanks for sharing along with a new voice to me, A. R. Lucas. Morning rain is delaying my walk, but I am enjoying a second cup of coffee and some reading on WP.

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    • Thank you for your precious comment, {{{Richard.}}} We have a beautiful blue-sky-birds-singing-kind-of-day here today. I’ll send you a song! ❀


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