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There were two d’Versepoets.com prompts for today. The instructions are “Write a piece of prose (flash fiction, memoir, nonfiction) that is 144 words or less and includes, word-for-word, ONE of the lines indicated above from Carl Sandburg’s Jazz Fantasia. I chose this line: “… a red moon rides on the humps of the low river hills.”

Successful Independence Day

It is a hot July 4th afternoon. My husband and I are on the shady side of the bleachers. Across the arena sun-lovers shade their eyes and strain to see the gate open as the rider emerges on the hump of an angry, cinched bucking bronco.

One by one they buck out of the gates. The audience holds its breath as the rider tries to stay on the required number of minutes before the whistle blows and they are free to dismount. Too often, the rider is bucked off before the whistle. We pray no one gets trampled as the clowns emerge to divert the horse’s attention and the rider scrambles out of harm’s way.

Back home in the pasture, the horse nibbles its reward as a red moon rides on the humps of the low river hills. Another successful Independence Day!

Thank you, d’Versepoets.com for this inspiring prompt!

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  1. Glenn A. Buttkus said:

    Nice juxtaposition & use of the prompt. How will we do Rodeos in the future?

    • I’m not sure how the rodeos will evolve in the future and what affect COVID-19 will have on them – if any.

  2. …the horse nibbles its reward! Love it! I must admit, I’ve never been to a rodeo or any kind of event with a bucking anything…..so very fun to read your description here.

    • Thank you, Lillian. Our Ennis, MT annual rodeo brings thousands into our little town. It’s quite an exciting spectator sport, but quite dangerous for the cowboys on those bucking broncos!

  3. Absolutely beautiful writing. Very vivid and lovely.

  4. A cowboy’s recreation! Love the shot of the sky!

  5. This was a fun read, Jan!

  6. Beverly Crawford said:

    How we all long to be elbow to elbow on bleachers somewhere — at a ballgame, a car race, a rodeo….ANYWHERE. We will treasure those times when they return, will we not?!

  7. Ah, you describe the rodeo so fetchingly. Would love to go to one someday

  8. Jan, you take me back to Montana and rodeo country. I have seen a few, and being a alum of MSU always meant the spring indoor rodeo at the field house (back in the day when the floor was always dirt).

    • Interesting how when imited to 144 words, you still can create something that “takes people back” – isn’t it? I’m glad it triggered those happy memories for you, Richard. <3

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