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I think I’m crazy
This doesn’t make me happy
It makes me dizzy

Twinkle in your eye
Smile on your cheerful face
And a purpose in your heart

That makes me happy!

Kind, respectful words
Healthy, functioning body
And a carefree soul

Those make me happy!

A pup by my side
Overflowing love to give
Sweet innocent child

Those are sources of happiness!

Reciprocal love
Interesting conversations
And faithful friendships

Those Guarantee Happiness!

Sound of running stream
Fresh air and clear blue skylines
Time to meditate

Trouble-free Happiness!

A rushing river
With fish jumping on my line
And pristine red barns

Ah, THIS is Happiness!

What makes YOU happy?

Weekends with friends
and an outdoor church service to look forward to…
Those bring me great joy.

Share some of the things that trigger your happiness.
We’d all like to hear!

Have a good Friday night and Saturday.
See ya tomorrow.
Love, JanBeek

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  1. Sunny De said:

    I’m really happy when I’m out walking in my beautiful country among the vineyards with the sun shining down, a breeze upon my face, all while listening to the birds chirping and the bees buzzing. The views are spectacular and I’m feeling fiiiiiiiiine. How lucky am I that I have a strong body to carry me and the time to just enjoy being alive. Ahhhhhh!

    • Ah yes, DeDe, you are blessed indeed. Bee 🐝 well, my sweet De – I can hardly wait til it is safe to return and walk with you!!

  2. When my kids are happy I am happy 😊 they bring lot of joy in my life. Helping others is one thing which keeps me going. Praying to god and to be in my own world with that divine power takes me to other level of happiness. Many thanks Jan for making me write what makes me happy.

    • I can tell you’re a good “pop” (or are you a mom?). God bless you and bring you happiness and health this day. Thank you for responding!

      • I’m a mom of three beautiful kids! Two girls and on son 😊

      • I suspected “Pop in…” was a mom! Three children 🤗🥰🤩 What a blessing! I always wanted four. The first two are now in their 50s. They are indeed a blessing. The third was a miscarriage … and so we became AFS parents and our next two are the reason our daughter lives in beautiful Switzerland. She married the 1st cousin of her “Swisster.” As you peruse my blog, I hope you get to meet and see that source of great happiness for me and my family! 💕❤️👍🏽

      • Wow 🤩 ! Kids our blessing!
        My first daughter is 18yrs old, second is 15 and son is 12.
        Full package of entertainment and learning.
        It will be great if I get to meet your family😊

      • 12 to 18 … emergent years. So impressionable. I hope you have a supportive husband. It takes a village…

      • Yes I do have a supportive husband!
        Thank so you much 😍

      • A supportive and loving spouse makes all the difference, doesn’t he? <3

      • Yes …. he does 💓

  3. That GIF would make anyone crazy.

  4. Fellowship with God makes me happy, family and furbabies, rain, bugs and beasties, birds … and reading your posts makes me happy! 🙌 x

    • Oh Lesley, I LOVE your answer. Thank you! I can relate to all seven of your joy sources. They make me happy too… and so does reading your sweet response. Muchas Gracias, mi Amiga!! <3

      • I can’t speak Spanish, Jan, but I was brought up in Glasgow, Scotland so … “Yer a wee belter!” That means you’re brill. 😀

      • I have great-great grandparents on my mom’s side who hailed from Scotland. Would love to visit there someday.

      • Do you know which part of Scotland they belonged to, Jan?
        It’s a country I’m sure you would love to visit. xx

      • I don’t know… but I need to research that! We have genealogies from Bob’s side of the family, but not mine.

      • p.s. I live in England now (County Durham, in the north-east). My dad’s family belong here. I LOVE County Durham. ❤️

      • Thanks for sharing that, Lesley. I would love to visit County Durham someday! <3

      • That would be amazing! x

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