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Family Connections

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Family Connections

Baby robins often hover
Near the nest that was their home.
Soon they’ll spread their wings
And farther they will roam.

Like those little robins,
Our children need to fly –
Spread their wings and explore
The vastness of the sky.

But in this COVID world,
We’ve lost the freedom to soar.
Our children may be caught
Somewhere – longing for more.

Chris & Natala

If you’ve followed my blog for a year or more, you’ve met this young couple before. They are my grandson, Chris, from Switzerland, and the love of his life, Natalia, who lives in Colombia. Just before this pandemic hit us, Chris traveled to Colombia to meet his on-line girlfriend and her family in person. Now, the two must tuck in their wings and live with the limitations again of on-line romance. Neither is free to travel and face-to-face with the other.

Hope and Sam

When they were 2 and 4, this brother-sister duo joined our family. Hope Morgan and Samuel Leland were in foster care and God knew they needed to be Beekmans! Now Hope lives here – only a hour from us in Big Sky – and Samuel (who has special needs) had been living happily in a group home near Sacramento. They are now in their late 20’s.

Hope has two of our three great-grandchildren.

Sienna, GG and Xander

Samuel, in the group home, has been in a quarantine mode since this pandemic hit. Life is pretty empty when you can’t go out – and you can’t have visitors. Some of you may know the feeling. Family Connections are SO important!

Beekman Family

Family Gatherings

Years ago, when the grandchildren were teens, we would often drive or fly to be together as a family. Now the family is spread out over several states and even across into Europe. Family Connections are sooo important to us! We live in Montana, and this group shot was taken at a gathering in California.

In the picture above you see (l to r) nephew Zak, Samuel, Bob’s sister Bonnie, her husband Stan, sister-in-law Ann beside Bob’s brother, Bruce, granddaughter Faith with her sister Hope (I’m between them), Bob, grandson Jordan, and behind him – daughter-in-law Monika (mom of Sam, Jordan, Hope & Faith) and lastly, Bob’s sister-in-law Marge. I think our son, Ty was taking the picture.

Yes, Family Connections are important to all of us!!

Gathering the Flock

When will we be able to gather the flock again? Is there a foreseeable end to this isolation?

Ty and Monika were so concerned about Sam and his isolation in the group home that they went yesterday to get him. He is now living back in the nest! God bless them for responding to the felt need!

Sam (left) with two friends at Sam’s high school graduation

Returning to the Nest

Sam may not be able to hug friends and visit up close during this pandemic, but at least from his home, he has his parents to hug, and he can see friends from a safe social distance. He is no longer isolated. Social connections are so important to our mental and physical health!

So, unlike the robin parents,
We are free to go and rescue.
Thank you, Ty and Monika,
For returning Sam to the nest and to you!

God bless you!

Have a Happy Weekend.
I hope you have opportunities to make Family Connections.
Tell me about them!

Love ya,

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  1. You are blessed with wonderful people around you. Of course you shine a bright light every day. They are blessed to have you.

  2. Family is definitely a blessing and being close in this time is really a blessing. You have had and interesting and full life. Great post Jan.

    • Thank you so much, Dwight. Yes, it is a rich and blessed life… and I am so grateful for my loving family and wonderful friends.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Curtis and I are so happy to have you and Bob as friends.

  4. Anonymous said:

    Curtis and I are so happy to have you and Bob as friends.❤️

  5. Curtis and I are so happy to have you and Bob as friends.❤️

  6. Its amazing how beautifully you express your love for family and friends. I really liked your post. My elder daughter (Rishika)was studying is Texas. We both were missing each other badly. Thank god me and my husband successfully got her back to India. I do miss my parents and siblings. My parents lives in Delhi. Everyday I pray to god that one day Ill get to meet them. I am so happy for you❤️

    • Thank you for sharing about your family connections. I pray you can one day “bee” together again as a family, too. <3

  7. Tweet, tweet from Nugget

  8. Anonymous said:

    so very true Jan that family is important to us all

    • And those of us who have loving family connections are so very blessed! We realize not all people share the love that makes us feel whole <3 <3 I'm grateful that you do. (Are you "Someone" = {{{{Susan}}}} ?)

  9. What an awesome family – truly a blessing! Enjoy your time with them! Blessings! ♥♥

  10. Lovely family!! 💕

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