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July 4th on Color Wheel

This is a purple and yellow July 4th! Purple for all those people who are hurting on this day. Yellow for all the varied colors that make up our rich racial cultures (Asian, Native American, Black, Hispanic, etc.). Yes, Black Lives Matter. Yes, they endure untold prejudicial treatment… and so do toooo many in our world.

Do you know why purple and yellow look so nice together? Turns out they are what’s called complementary colors. They appear opposite each other on the color wheel. Other complementary colors are red and green, and blue and orange.

Interestingly, complementary colors are one primary color, and the color formed by a combination of the remaining two primary colors. Maybe you don’t find this as nifty as I do , but perhaps it explains why I like the images from “July 4th Morning in Glacier National Park” so much!

Not just red, white, and blue, but purple and brown and yellow … all the colors of the rainbow make up who we are.

Singing Sky Photography

Check out the gorgeous
photography by Paul Holdorf
by clicking on his name here.

As you know, July 4th is a national holiday in the USA.
This year it takes on a different kind of meaning for us.

“Uncle Sam” gives us the “OK” sign… but everything is NOT OK. Too many people are dying of COVID-19 and too many people are suffering the injustices of prejudice. Too many people are not feeling “Free to Bee” (as I posted on my blog yesterday).

We’d bee “OKer”
if we just “Love One Another”
and respect one another
and practiced the “All are Created Equal”
beliefs that are part of our constitution.

My friend, Lynn Foreman, last year on this day.

A Haiku to Remember

Last year on this day
Seniors served the parade crowd
No parade this year

Last year on this day
More than four thousand came here
This year we are still

Stillness gives think time
Time to ponder our blessings
Figure how to share

Share the grace of God
As He’s blessed you, bless others
Love One Another

In this photo from last year, I can see
I needed a haircut!
This year I’m feeling perkier by the minute.
Life is improving.

Thanks for your prayers!
What are your plans for today?
Let’s sing in unison
and think UNITY!!

See ya tomorrow!
Love from JanBeek

Comments on: "A Different Colored July 4th" (14)

  1. Happy Independence Day to you..Jan❣️

  2. Happy 4th to you and your husband! Thanks for sharing some of Paul Haldorf’s photography. I am seeing the second round of wildflowers blooming here at one of the parks I walk. My camera can hardly wait to take a good look.

    • Yes, we hope to go ot on our ATV as soon as I am healed enough… and see the second round of wildflowers here, too. I love ’em!

  3. I’m singing in unison with you as we prepare for a campground ice cream social and fireworks. I know the freedom that comes from Christ! The only one that matters and the colors you mentioned are beautiful~just as you and your soul! Happy Independence Day! Peace and love 🎶💚🇺🇸❤️

    • Thank you for the wishes for peace and love. I send those greetings right back atcha! Hope your weekend is healthy and happy, memorable and meaningful. <3

      • Jan, my parents and I were able to FaceTime for my Grandson’s first birthday in Alaska. Prayers that they are able to travel to MO in September as my parents have yet met him or the newest girl born in Spokane, WA 3 weeks ago. I’m not for sure what we’d do without technology. I shared your site with loved ones. You’re an inspiration 💚

      • Thank you for sharing my site with friends and family. How kind of you. I’m so grateful that you and your parents are able to use FT to meet grands and great-grands. It’s not the same as holding the babies and smelling their sweet baby smells, but it is a blessing none-the-less. Alaska to MO to Spokane are pretty spread out. Ours are CA to MT to MA to Switzerland … and this pandemic makes it impossible to travel to one another. So, the internet is a God-send!!

      • You’re so welcome, Jan! Your family is indeed spread out. Yes, the internet is a God-send! Have a beautiful, peaceful, and happy week! 💚🙏🏻

      • Thank you. It has begun peacefully. May yours be equally beautiful ❤️👍🏽

  4. All those colors are wonderful! Happy Independence Day! 🙂

  5. A sound message, Jan

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