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My good friend, Lisa, who lives in North Carolina, sent me this sunset video last night. I was home here in Montana on a dark, stormy night… missing the chance to see a sunset here… and along came this gift:

Yes, it is God’s gift of love!

In the past, Lisa has sent other sunsets … and a lot of sunrises … along with prayers for blessings and health and happiness. What a wonderful friend!

My collection of sunsets and sunrises come to you with prayers and love, too.

If you love the way God chooses to start and end each day as much as I do, let me share with you other sunsets I’ve received:

And I love sunrises just as much. Let me share a couple of those with you:

Fran McNeill’s sunrise

I shared that last one with you a couple weeks ago, but I couldn’t talk about sunrises and not include hers. Talk about beautiful! Isn’t God the greatest artist ever??

So, whether you are ready for your next sunset, like we are here in Montana, or your next sunrise, like my daughter in Switzerland, let God’s handiwork amaze you…

… and share your love of the Light with all you meet. Have a blessed day – and a restful night. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Virtual hugs from

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  1. These pictures are stunning! And as your friends so sweetly said too, “a warm embrace of love from God.” Thank you for sharing these tonight. They were needed. 🤗❣️ love and blessings

  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos, Jan. Absolutely Heavenly! God is indeed the best artist. 🙌

  3. Lovely. Our granddaughter lives in North Carolina

  4. I love sunsets

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