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Let’s Go Swiss

A couple of months ago we took a little stroll through my home state, Montana, via the lenses of several very talented photographers.

Then the next day I invited you to Switzerland where our daughter, DeAna, lives with her husband and family. It’s our go-to place when we have saved up enough to travel… and are free to do so. Three of our grandchildren are there. Of course, it’s a wonderful place to “have to” go!!

Today in my “Antelope and Attitude” post I told you I dream of traveling in 2021 back to Switzerland. For my new followers, I dug out this old post and decided to update it and let you see why I love Switzerland so much.

We sat on a patio with this view eating raclette with our daughter last time we visited her in Sierre, Switzerland, spring of 2018.
We visited that quaint village and attended the wedding of a Swiss friend.
Here are our three Swiss grandsons, Mike, Nick & Chris. That was several years ago when we visited at Christmas time. They’ve changed considerably since then!
Here’s their mom, our daughter. DeDe. Such a sweetheart! She never changes.
Her sons, on the other hand, do! But, okay, let’s look at some of their Swiss scenery. That’s why you came, right?
The lakes are sites to behold!
Castles are plentiful!
Riding in the car with my son-in-law driving on these switchbacks is an experience to remember!!
Flowers in springtime are everywhere!
Towns often were built almost to resemble fortresses.
Grape vineyards border towns and cities where the ground is fertile.
How they built castles on such high, rocky mountain peaks is beyond me!
Every square inch of the sunny mountainsides of Switzerland is terraced and planted with grapes. (This is Lake Geneva). It is near Valais, the canton where De & Andre’ live).
The lakes in Switzerland are numerous, clear, clean and so picturesque!
Castles in Switzerland are plentiful and always points of great travel interest.
In every town and village, the church steeple is always the highest point!
The way they tuck houses into crevices is amazing!!
Trains are a wonderful way to see Switzerland.
You can set your clocks by the trains and their arrival/departures.
The train system is amazing in Switzerland. Andre’s uncle was an engineer who helped design some of these bridges!
Mmmm… Cheese Fondue!
Delicious melted cheese with potatoes, pickles and onions
is “the best” delicacy of Valais! (Of course that’s in my biased opinion).
Raclette is my favorite Swiss cheese.
I love the Swiss cows. We have one of the queen cowbells hanging in our kitchen here in Montana!! I’ll show you that another time.
We usually visit in springtime or in winter (Bob loves to ski), but autumn is a gorgeous time in Switzerland, too.
The Matterhorn is one of Switzerland’s most famous landmarks.
This year De & Andre’ were working at a mountaintop restaurant at a ski resort where the only access was by chairlift. Can you imagine the views??
I love the springtime the most. Flowers are everywhere and the mountains are green and alive.
Oh, here are some more of those gorgeous Swiss cows!
Switzerland is beautiful in every season!
Thank you for visiting a few scenes with me. Thank you to #IloveSwitzerland for most of the images. Some are mine, though. Isn’t it an amazing country?
This is my oldest grandson, Mike with his significant other, Tania. We can hardly wait til the next time we get to go and visit with them. Kids grow up so fast, don’t they?
Doesn’t matter what season it is, we know our “DollyWolly” will be there to greet us!!

Thanks for visiting with me for a while. Hopefully someday we will go back… and I hope you can visit Switzerland for real yourself someday, too.

The Lord be with you and keep you safe.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
See ya later!

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  1. I love visiting beautiful Montana. Have a great day 😊

    • Tangie, I’m glad you have visited Montana, and hope you and your husband will return oone day. And I hoe this post helps you dream of a Swiss trip . Put it on your bucket list!

  2. Such lovely pictures! Now I definitely wanna go there, thanks! <3

  3. Ohh my God. Stunning pictures….with beautiful story. Hope you get yo visit you grandchildren soon. Stay safe and healthy. Love, Vannie…. all the way from Bangalore, India.

  4. Sunny De said:

    Gorgeous photos, Ma! We, too, can’t wait for you and pops to come back to see us!

  5. Jan, this was absolutely fabulous! Such beautiful pictures and of course your generosity of sharing them with the world. I hope this COVID-19 pandemic ends soon and you are able to visit your family in Switzerland 🇨🇭

  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing Switzerland the photographs are beautiful!

  7. Thank Ms Jan, always a ray of hope and sunshine. The pictures … they are worthy of magazines … absolutely stunning.

  8. Sunny De said:

    Beautiful photos!!! We can’t wait for you to come back and visit us, too! ❤️

  9. Well worth another outing

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  11. Beautiful ty I’m re-blogging

  12. I spent a semester overseas in Cambridge, England, when I was in college. I was able to travel from there and one of my favorite places was Switzerland. So beautiful! I would love to return there someday. Now, I am a grandmother, but I can picture everything perfectly!

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