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Antelope and Attitudes!

Antelope are adorable in the field…

… but they need to stay out there!
No, Annie, don’t come down our driveway!

Yesterday we had a beautiful bed of red petunias in our wheelbarrow…

This morning the blossoms were gone!
See that chewed off stem there?
Darn those antelope!
My attitude toward them today is not very loving.

Fortunately, they left the geraniums alone.

And they don’t seem interested in the columbine…

…or these sweet yellow ones ( I think they’re lilies).

So, while I may be dismayed
over the loss of our petunia blossoms,
I still have reason to be happy, right?

I found a new book yesterday.
It’s a type of journal.
I’m going to have fun with it:

I don’t have much to stress over,
besides stray, hungry antelope,
but life always throws us curves, right?
It’s always a challenge to stay calm when trouble strikes,
and achieving balance is a constant pursuit for me.

So the topics in this little book
caught my eye…
especially the “Stay Positive”

Set your plans for the year ahead,
And then make them happen.

One way to be happy and find joy in life is to dream.
Live in the NOW, but
never stop dreaming about a better tomorrow.

I signed up for Bob Goff’s “Dream Big” Workshop.
Do you have big dreams?
You’re never too old to dream big, you know.
At age 80 and 81, Bob & I find that
our dreams keep life moving forward!

I am dreaming
of a trip in the spring of 2021
to Switzerland
to visit our daughter and her family.

I took this picture on one of our previous trips,
high in the Alps at a restaurant overlooking their valley.

I dream of the day
when it will be safe to travel,
to freely socialize,
and to gather with friends again
to enjoy our pastimes.

Enhance your life with a pastime that lifts your soul.

What pastime lifts your soul?
I love writing (can’t you tell?)
and your responses to my daily posts
lift my soul.

I also love music 🎶 –
both listening to it –
as well as playing my accordion
and playing in the bell choir.

I enjoy playing for friends at our Madison Valley Nursing Home,
however with this pandemic, they are off-limits now.
But they are safe… no cases of COVID-19 there.
Keep looking at the bright side.
Thank God for their health and ours!

We can’t gather as a group to practice our bells right now.
But, think positively!
This pandemic can’t last forever!
I pray daily for a vaccine or an effective treatment.

Think Can’s – Not Can’ts

Don’t dwell on the “can’ts”…
Concentrate on the “cans!”

I CAN enjoy this beautiful day
and go for a walk with TazE
in Lion’s Club Park
along the gorgeous Madison River.

I CAN meet new friends,
chat with this adorable little girl,
get acquainted with her mom,
and keep social distance at the same time.

I’m not standing as close as the picture looks!
I edited it so you’d get a good look at that little cutie.

Lion’s Club Park has this great little lake
where kids can fish and keep ’em.
Our Madison River is a “Catch and Release” only.
Today the fish were jumping.
I CAN enjoy this beautiful day!!

I CAN visit with my family in Switzerland via social media.
Thank God for the internet!
We got to share Andre’s birthday with him via the computer.
Doesn’t his smile make you smile?

Andre’ Solioz, my son-in-law

Happy Birthday, Andre’

Heck, when Bob and I were dating back in the 50’s,
and he was stationed in Germany,
it took two weeks to get a letter to him…
and another two weeks to get a response.
No such thing as computers –
and phone calls were too expensive!

Think of how blessed we are today!
Instant communication!

Back home, the lawn is mowed.
The grass is going to green up again
because the automatic sprinklers will water it
and the sun is shining to encourage it.
Thank you, Bob, for your work on the mower yesterday.
(Don’t you love his creative designs?)

This is livin’

Today Bob is out fishin’ …
Summertime, and the livin’ is easy!
Fish are bitin’ and the …

How does that song go?
Let me leave you singing it.

Guard your flowers…
and watch your attitude!

Every day is so full of blessings.
Count them!

See you tomorrow.
Love, JanBeek

Comments on: "Antelope and Attitudes!" (24)

  1. so much beauty!

  2. Oh wow Jan.. just oodles of love pours out from each picture, poem and little story… Sorry those petunia’s got eaten…. but as least those other flowers are still giving you loads of colour..
    And yes… We all of us need to hold onto those Dreams and create our Better tomorrows..

    Much love your way dearest Jan… Thank you for sharing your family and such love 🙂

  3. Sunny De said:

    Fun photos! Thanks for sharing, Ma! Hopefully plane travel will be back to normal next Spring so you can come see us!

  4. So much packed in this post, Jan – who needs magazines! 😀
    Your part of the world is so beautiful and the scenery in the background looks like an extension of your garden. Heavenly! We have two pots of pink petunias at our front door. There are some deer nearby, but they don’t venture near the houses. We do get rabbits though. 🙂

    • Yes, we also have a rabbit family. It lived under our porch. Aren’t they adorable? But, yes, they can be a nuisance, too, if they decide our flowers should be their next meal 🤪 I haven’t noticed them in the planters or wheelbarrow, though.

    • Oh, and thank you, Lesley, for your lovely affirmation. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  5. Janet Muirhead Hill said:

    What an inspiring blog post. Thank you Jan.

    • Thank you, Janet. I appreciate your visit … and your affirmation. Have a beautiful, fresh sky, clean and peaceful Thursday. 👍🏽🤗

  6. A fine, upbeat, post. The contrast of today’s methods of communication with the 1950s is something that is itself hard to convey to folk of today.

  7. All these photos were soothing to my eyes and thoughts. I had no idea that petunias were so tasty to elks. Your Alps photo brought back memories. I was able to visit Switzerland in the 1970s. Regarding the lawn mowing, I’ve never seen a pattern like that, but the pattern is more appealing than the typical straight lines. And, I also, am truly thankful for the technology available today.

    • Thank you for visiting and taking time to leave your thoughtful comments, Grace. I hope you are having a beautiful Thursday! <3

  8. kayakingirl said:

    Loved this – definitely trying to stay positive during all of this unrest. Counting our blessings several times a day, of which you are one.

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