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Beeks’ 34 Ford

This is Bob’s brother, Bill, with his wife Marge. The wonderful vehicle is one that Bob & Bill bought back in the early ’50s. Look at how wonderfully Bill has maintained and restored it! It is in great running condition, too – and is obviously well loved.

Aren’t those wheels magnificent?

Old Cars Haiku

Look at some old cars
Forlorn – dilapidated
While some others thrive

This one rusts away
In a distant field of weeds
It needs more than love

It’s like some of us
Feeling secluded – rusty
Needing more than love

But love is enough
To shine up a human soul
Try it on someone!

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See ya later.

Hugs, JanBeek ;o)

Comments on: "Beeks’ 34 Ford" (12)

  1. Oh my word! What a beauty! And the two of them look absolutely adorable there. Hugs right back at you. ❀

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  2. What a gorgeous car!

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  3. jarilissima said:

    Nice! And that’s a fantastic color πŸ™‚

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    • I like that “Sierra Gold” color, too. ❀ It was painted originally by Gene Winfiled, who became world-famous for restoring Hollywood actors' cars after he left Modesto, CA where Bob was at that time.

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  4. Great post, Jan. It spoke to my heart. And that car! 😍

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  5. A really marvellous car

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  6. Wonderful to meet the family Jan… And that car… what love and attention it has had… Unlike its counterpart…. Just shows what neglect and Love can do.. ❀

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