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Beeks’ 34 Ford

This is Bob’s brother, Bill, with his wife Marge. The wonderful vehicle is one that Bob & Bill bought back in the early ’50s. Look at how wonderfully Bill has maintained and restored it! It is in great running condition, too – and is obviously well loved.

Aren’t those wheels magnificent?

Old Cars Haiku

Look at some old cars
Forlorn – dilapidated
While some others thrive

This one rusts away
In a distant field of weeds
It needs more than love

It’s like some of us
Feeling secluded – rusty
Needing more than love

But love is enough
To shine up a human soul
Try it on someone!

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See ya later.

Hugs, JanBeek ;o)

Comments on: "Beeks’ 34 Ford" (12)

  1. Oh my word! What a beauty! And the two of them look absolutely adorable there. Hugs right back at you. <3

  2. What a gorgeous car!

  3. Nice! And that’s a fantastic color πŸ™‚

    • I like that “Sierra Gold” color, too. <3 It was painted originally by Gene Winfiled, who became world-famous for restoring Hollywood actors' cars after he left Modesto, CA where Bob was at that time.

  4. Great post, Jan. It spoke to my heart. And that car! 😍

  5. A really marvellous car

  6. Wonderful to meet the family Jan… And that car… what love and attention it has had… Unlike its counterpart…. Just shows what neglect and Love can do.. <3

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